Classification of Animal Kingdom Set 3

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Classification of Animal Kingdom Set 3

Q1 | Which of the following is present on the skin of bird
Q2 | Gizzard is associated with ________ in birds
Q3 | The blood of Aves is
Q4 | Which is correct for birds ?
Q5 | Air sacs is connected to ________ in birds
Q6 | Mammary gland are found in
Q7 | Which one of the following mammalia live in water
Q8 | Which mammalian have adapted to Fly ?
Q9 | Different types of teeth are present in the jaw in ________
Q10 | Which is correct for mammalia.
Q11 | When any plane passing through the central axis of the body divides the organism in to two identical halves, it is called ________
Q12 | Choose the correct combination for the labelling in the diagram from the given option.
Q13 | Symmetry observed in diagram is ________
Q14 | In the given diagram, what does ‘A’ represent
Q15 | In the given diagram, what does ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ represent ?
Q16 | The radial symmetry is obscerved in I. Platyhelminthes II. Coelenterates III. Aschelminthes IV. Annelids V. Echinoderms
Q17 | Classification of sponges is primarily based on the (JCECE-2003)
Q18 | Symmetry is cnidaria is (AMW-2009)
Q19 | Cavity of coolenterates is called (BHU-2008)
Q20 | Sea anemone bolongs to phylum (BCECE-2005)
Q21 | Medusa is the Reproductive organs of (BHU-2008)
Q22 | The excretory cells, that are found in platyhelminthes. (J & K CET- 2007)
Q23 | In which of the following organisms, self fertilization is seen. (CCET-2007)
Q24 | Nephridia of Earthworms are performing same functions as (J & K CET-2003)
Q25 | Phylum of Taenia Solium is (BCECE-2004)