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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Cell Structure Set 2

Q1 | Which is biggest animal cell?
Q2 | In some of Bacteria the outer-most layer is a loose sheath layer called as....
Q3 | What is the function of SER?
Q4 | How many unit occur in each stackpile of golgi apparatus?
Q5 | What is produce when vesicle are separated from golgi body?
Q6 | The area the cytoplasn without any cytoplasm are called as...
Q7 | Which organelle is responsible for degradation of worn out cells?
Q8 | which plastid is not included as a chromoplast?
Q9 | Which plastids possess chlorophyll pigments?
Q10 | How many grana present in one chloroplast?
Q11 | Each granum possesses how many thylakoids?
Q12 | In peripheral region of centriole nine triplets are arranged at which angles?
Q13 | This organelle possesses 9+0 structure.
Q14 | Various colours in flower fruit and seeds are due to presence of which pigment?
Q15 | What is the diameter of cisternae in golgi apparatus?
Q16 | Which organelle possess hydrolase enzyme?
Q17 | The leucoplast which stores protein is known as...
Q18 | The protoplast surrounding the centriole is called as...
Q19 | Like zygote any cell of the body is capable of producing a new individual is known as...
Q20 | Which organelle is associated in the formation of basal granules, cillia and flagella?
Q21 | The number of mitochondria per cell depends upon the...
Q22 | How many basic shapes of Bacteria are there ?
Q23 | Which structure serves as a protective layer agaimst attack by phagocytes and by viruses?
Q24 | How much diameter of ribosome in prokaryotic cell?
Q25 | Which organelle possesses circular DNA?