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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Cell Structure Set 1

Q1 | Prokaryotic cells have which architectural regions?
Q2 | The association of more than one ribosome with a single molecule of m-RNA complex is called as...
Q3 | Which structure possess flagellin protein?
Q4 | The cell wall of algae is made up of which substance?
Q5 | The cells involved in large amount of lipid synthesis,do not possess this orgenelle on Endoplasmicreticulum.
Q6 | In mitochodria, it contains F-particles.
Q7 | The materials essential for dark reaction are located in
Q8 | Microfilaments are made up of
Q9 | It possess Flagella.
Q10 | It directs formation of the bipolar spindle during cell division.
Q11 | In human which cell lacks nucleus.
Q12 | The unit of phloem in which nucleus is absent.
Q13 | No membrane surrouds in this organelle.
Q14 | It actively synthesized r-RNA.
Q15 | In each chromosome centromere possessing disc shaped structure is
Q16 | Bacteria possess small DNA other than circular DNA which is called as...
Q17 | It shows presence of Nucleoid.
Q18 | The cell wall of fungi is made up of which substance?
Q19 | Which organelle is not considered as a part of Endomembrane system?
Q20 | Chromosome in which centromere is located at the end is....
Q21 | Select unicellular organism which possess cillia.
Q22 | Which is the example of unicellular organism?
Q23 | Who mentioned that cells had a thin layer around them?
Q24 | Who mention that the presence of a cell wall is an unique character of the plant cell?
Q25 | Which organelles are found only in animal cell?