Cell Cycle and Cell divisons Set 5

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Cell Cycle and Cell divisons Set 5

Q1 | Post mitotic gap phase and synthesis phase of cell cycle are also respectively referred to as :
Q2 | If you are provided with root-tips of onion in your class and are asked to count the chromosome, which of the following stage can you most conviently look into
Q3 | What is correct ?
Q4 | A cell divides every one minute. At this rate of division it can fill a 100 ml of beaker in one hour. How much time does it take to fill a 50 ml beaker ?
Q5 | At which phase of meiosis, the 2 cell, each with separated sister chromatids move towards opposite poles :
Q6 | During meiosis crossing over occurs between which part of homologous chromosome ?
Q7 | During mitotic metaphase :
Q8 | In meiosis the daughter cells are not similar to that of parent because of :
Q9 | Pick out the correct statements :
Q10 | Assertion (A) : Phase of cell division is also known as dividing phase. Reason (R) : In mitotic phase new cells are produced from pre-existing cells through meiosis division.
Q11 | Synapsis occurs between :
Q12 | During mitosis nuclear membrane and nucleolus begin to disappear at :
Q13 | Cell cycle is divided in stages as given below Which is the correct pair ?
Q14 | IN which stage of mitosis division segregation of chromatids occur and they migrate at different polar ends.
Q15 | Number of chromosomes are maintained from generation to generation by :
Q16 | How many meiotic stage are essential for producing 28 cells from one cell ?
Q17 | In diploid living organisms crossing over is responsible for ?
Q18 | What would be the number of chromosomes of the aleurone cells of a plant with 42 chromosomes in its root tip cells ?
Q19 | Select the correct option with respect to mitosis.
Q20 | During gamete formation, the enzyme recombinase participate during :
Q21 | Given below is the representation of a certain event at a particular stage of a type of cell division. Which is this stage ?
Q22 | It is responsible for begininig of the life of organisms.
Q23 | Who proposed the cell theory.
Q24 | Who proposed that new cells arise through cell division of pre-existing cells.
Q25 | It is the Smallest Cell.