Cell Cycle and Cell divisons Set 2

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Cell Cycle and Cell divisons Set 2

Q1 | A. During interphase, chromosomes are recognized as chromatin network. R. Chromosomes are highly dispersed during this phase.
Q2 | A. G1 phase is also called growth phase. R. There is a lot of biosynthetic activity during
Q3 | A. The meiotic division-I is also called reduction division.R. During this the chromosomes are distributed in two cells in half their number.
Q4 | A. During meiosis, the genetic material is replicated twice whereas the cell divides one. R. Meiosis takes place in plants and animals during the formation of reproductive cells.
Q5 | A. Number of chiasmata is more in longer chromosomes.R. The number of chiasmata depends on the length of chromosomes.
Q6 | Statement – P : G1 stage is the last stage or interphase. Statement – Q : Systhesis of DNA takes place in G2 stage.
Q7 | Statement – P : Interphase is divided in three sub phases. Statement – Q : G1 phase is the initial phase of interphase.
Q8 | Statement – P : In ‘S’ stage centrosome is duplicated Statement – Q : In the prophase centrioles separate from each other and move towards the opposite poles.
Q9 | For the statement ‘X’ and statement ‘Y’ which of the following option is correct ? Statement – ‘X’ :During meiosis the genetic material is replicated once. Statement – ‘Y’ : Genetic material is not replicated during interkinesis.
Q10 | Match the following :_ans_key_Coulmn-I Coulmn-II_ans_key_(A) G1 Phase (i) Synthesis of proteins and Microtubules_ans_key_(B) S Phase (ii) Growth phase_ans_key_(C) G2 Phase (iii) Replication of DNA
Q11 | Match the following :_ans_key_Coulmn-I Coulmn-II_ans_key_(A) Prophase (i) Nuclear membrane and other orgenelles reorganise_ans_key_(B) Metaphase (ii) Arrangement of chromatids on the poles_ans_key_(C) Anaphase (iii) Formation of cytoplasmic fibres of proteins_ans_key_(D) Telophase (iv) Arranged on equatorial plane_ans_key_(E) Cytokinesis (v) The formation of syncytium
Q12 | Match the following :_ans_key_Coulmn-I Coulmn-II_ans_key_(A) Laptotene (i) Nucleolus disappears_ans_key_(B) Zygotence (ii) Appearance of recombination nodules_ans_key_(C) Pachytene (iii) Develoment of Synapsis_ans_key_(D) Diplotene (iv) Chromosome appears filamentous_ans_key_(E) Daikinesis (v) Genes exchange at chaismata
Q13 | Match the following :_ans_key_Coulmn-I Coulmn-II_ans_key_(A) Prophase-I (i) Chromosomes move toward one plane along with centromere._ans_key_(B) Metaphase-II (ii) Half the number of chromosomes in seen_ans_key_(C) Anaphase-I (iii) Longest phase of meiosis-I_ans_key_(D) Telophase-I (iv) Two nuclei are seen
Q14 | Match the following :_ans_key_Coulmn-I Coulmn-II_ans_key_(A) Cytokinesis (i) Reformation of nuclear Membrane and golgi body_ans_key_(B) Metaphase (ii) Synthesis of RNA and protein_ans_key_(C) Telophase (iii) Centromers of chmosomes are arranged on equatorial plate._ans_key_(D) Interphase (iv) Contraction of chomosomes starts_ans_key_(v) The formation of synctium
Q15 | Select correct statement’s for cell cycle._ans_key_(i) Yeast cell can complete on cell cycle in every 90 minutes_ans_key_(ii) A period between creation of a cell and division of that cell._ans_key_(iii) Cell cycle is mainly divided into interphase and differentiation like two phases.
Q16 | Which of the following statement is/are correct for prophase of mitosis ?_ans_key_(i) At the end of this phase nuclear membrane and nucleolus disintegrate._ans_key_(ii) At the end of this phase two chromosome and a centromere holding them together._ans_key_(iii) This phase begins with the condensation of chromatids along their lengths.
Q17 | Which of the following statement is/are correct for Prophase-I ?_ans_key_(i) During diplotene, the members of each pair of homologous chromosomes start moving away from one another._ans_key_(ii) In zygotene, bivalent chromosomes appear tetravalent._ans_key_(iii) In diakinesis, chromatids become separated even at the site of chiasmata.
Q18 | Which of the following statement is/are correct for Meiosis-II ?_ans_key_(i) Chromosomes are arranged on equatorial plate in prophase-II_ans_key_(ii) Nucleolus disappear during telophase-II_ans_key_(iii) In anaphase-II, the chromatids with their independent centromeres are called chromosomes._ans_key_(iv) In metaphase-II, centromere of each chromosome becomes attached to filament of bipolar spindle.
Q19 | Find out the incorrect pair.
Q20 | Find the incorrect pair.
Q21 | From the following which pair does not match ?
Q22 | “The number of chiasmata depends on chromosomes” – What is the mistake in the given statement ?
Q23 | Which is the true statement for mitosis ?
Q24 | Which of the following statement is true for mitosis ?
Q25 | Indentify the correct sequence of karyokinesis stages :