Cell Cycle and Cell divisons Set 1

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Cell Cycle and Cell divisons Set 1

Q1 | The role of mitosis is not merely to divide a cell into two daugher cells but to ensure genetic continuity from one cell generation. The mechanism ensuring genetic continutity is;
Q2 | Substances that interface with microtubule function interfare with cell division because....
Q3 | The stage of mitosis during which the nucleolus disintegrates and chromosomes appear is known as
Q4 | Chromosomes can be counted during :
Q5 | The nuclear membrane disintegrates and spindle appears at :
Q6 | The separation of two chomatids of each chromosome during early anaphase is initiated by :
Q7 | The telophase stage of mitosis is…….
Q8 | The term ‘karyokinesis’ is used for….
Q9 | How many mitotic divisions must occur in a cell to form 1024 cells ?
Q10 | The difference in the division of a plant cell and animal cell is in.....
Q11 | During which phase of prophase-I of meiosis does the process of synapsis occur ?
Q12 | In mitosis the daughter cells resemble to their parent cell. But in meiosis they differ not only from parent cell in having half the number of chromosomes, but also differ among themselves qualitatively in genetic constitution due to.....
Q13 | Which is the longest phase of meitoic division ?
Q14 | At which stage, the homologous chromosomes separate due to repulsion, but are yet held by chiasmata :
Q15 | If there are four chromosomes present during prophase – I, how many chromosome are there in each cell at the end of anaphase - II
Q16 | Meiosis – II is :
Q17 | Significance of meiosis is associated with :
Q18 | The minimum number of meiotic divisions required to obtain 100 pollen grain of wheat is.....
Q19 | The number of meiotic divisions required to produce 400 seeds in a pea plant is.....
Q20 | Significance of meiosis.........
Q21 | In which of the following matters mitosis and meiosis are similar ?
Q22 | During which of the following phases of mitosis asters appear around the centroles ?
Q23 | During which stage of meiosis crossing over takes place ?
Q24 | At which of the following stage4s of cell cycle proteins and microtubules, required for mitosis, are synthesized ?
Q25 | If the initial amout of DNA is denoted as 2C then it increases into :