Breathing and Exchange of gases Set 2

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Breathing and Exchange of gases Set 2

Q1 | Which one is not viral infection
Q2 | They respire through lungs
Q3 | The muscles take part in rapid breathing
Q4 | Human lungs are situated in
Q5 | Blockage in respiratory passage in humans is prevented due to the presence of
Q6 | In human beings
Q7 | The left lung is slightly smaller so as
Q8 | In which disease lung tissue degenerate?
Q9 | Which is the lung disorder related to profession?
Q10 | This disease is due to first virus infection followed by bacterial attack
Q11 | The disease in which masses of undifferentiated cells formed in tracheal walls
Q12 | This disease is due lo allergens
Q13 | During inhalation the following activities occur
Q14 | Blood transports oxygen in the form of
Q15 | In which three forms of CO2 is transported by blood
Q16 | Carbamino proteins are formed in
Q17 | The centre which excites both the activities during rapid breathing is
Q18 | The function of pneumotoxic center is
Q19 | AIDS patients are susceptible to this respiratoty disease
Q20 | The full from of Hb is
Q21 | H.Hb is
Q22 | The enzyme carbonic anhydrase is of which type?
Q23 | What is role of buffer system in blood ?
Q24 | CO2 combines in human RBC with the which ion of haemoglobin
Q25 | On respitatory surface,KHCO3 formed in RBC reacts with