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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Body fluids and Circulation Set 5

Q1 | What is the function of lymph ? (MPPMT-95)
Q2 | Which is the correct statement for blood ? (APMEE - 96)
Q3 | Hepatic portal system starts from
Q4 | Blood circulation that stats in capillaries and ends in capaillaries is called (J & K CET 2010)
Q5 | Lymph (nodes) glands form
Q6 | Which of the following is not a major organ of lymphatic system (MP PMT 2010)
Q7 | Lymph is colourless because (MP PMT 1999)
Q8 | Immunoglobulins are produced by (CBSE 1996)
Q9 | Which one of the following human organs is often called the “graveyard”? (AIPMT 2012-M)
Q10 | Which of the following human organs is often called the “graveyard” of RBC ?(AIIPMT 2012-M)
Q11 | There is no DNA in
Q12 | In the ABO system of blood groups, if both antigens are present but no antibody, the blood group of the individual would be ? (AIPMT 2011)
Q13 | Make correct pairs :Column - I Column - IIP. Anterior vena cava (i) Transport deoxygenated blood into lungsQ. Posterior vena cava (ii) Transport the oxygenated blood outside the lungsR. Pulmonary Artery (iii) Bring deoxygenated blood from lower part of the body to right atriumS. Pulmonary vein (iv) Bring deoxygenated blood from upper part of the body to right atrium
Q14 | Which of the following is correct for all veins ?
Q15 | Who much diastolic pressure is ?
Q16 | Which of the following are granular WBCs ? (Manipal - 2002)
Q17 | What P indicates in ECG ? (Wardha - 2003)
Q18 | Respiration is helpful in
Q19 | Respiration,occures in the presence of oxygen in called
Q20 | The surface, from which the exchange of, gas takes place, is called
Q21 | During respiration......
Q22 | A respiratory surface must be ?
Q23 | Which of the following shows pulmonary respiration
Q24 | What is called the Upper region of Pharynx in man ?
Q25 | The diameter of human trachea is about