Biotechnology Principles and Processes Set 4

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Biotechnology Principles and Processes Set 4

Q1 | Some of the steps involved in the production of humulin are given below choose the correct sequence(i) synthesis of gene (DNA) for human insulin antibicially(ii) culturing recombinant E.Coli in bioreactors(iii) Purification of humulin(iv) Insertion of human insulin gene into plasmid(v) Introduction of recombinant Plasmid into E.Coli(vi) Extraction of recombinant gene product From E.Coli
Q2 | Mammalian heart is
Q3 | Granulocytes are
Q4 | The largest corpuscle in the blood is
Q5 | Thrombokinase is produced in
Q6 | The chief difference between the erythrocytes of man and frog is
Q7 | In mammals the opening of post canal in the right auricle is guarded by
Q8 | The volume of blood present in an adult human is
Q9 | The instrument used for measuring blood pressure is known as
Q10 | The heart murmur of heart is due to
Q11 | Thromboplastin is produced by
Q12 | The thin membrane around the heart is
Q13 | Three important proteins present in blood are
Q14 | QRS wave in ECG represents
Q15 | Which protein helps in disease resistance ?
Q16 | Play an important role in allergic reaction by
Q17 | ‘Intrinsic factor - x Activator complex ’ is
Q18 | It converts fibrinogen into soluble fibrin
Q19 | Which factor is delaying in blood clotting
Q20 | In pericardium double walled structure - outer layer and inner layer are respectively
Q21 | Tricuspid valve is situated in between
Q22 | Blood is flowing in pulmonary vein is
Q23 | Diastole of ventricles is
Q24 | Heart is known as double pump (circulation) because of
Q25 | Effect of Nicotine on blood circulation