Biotechnology and its Applications Set 3

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Biotechnology and its Applications Set 3

Q1 | Penicillin is obtained from -
Q2 | A bioreactor refers to
Q3 | Cells obtained from cancerous tumours are known as -
Q4 | Hybridomas are employed for
Q5 | Antibiotics inhibits the growth or destroy
Q6 | Which of the following is not concerned with biotechnology ?
Q7 | The enzymes that cuts specifically recognition sites in the DNA is known as
Q8 | DNA can be introduced into any cell by
Q9 | Ability of a plant or animal cell to repeatedly divide and differentiate into a complete organism is :-
Q10 | Restriction endonuclease is also known as -
Q11 | Extra chromosomal small cirular double stranded DNA molecule in a bacterial cell is stranded DNA molecule in bacterial cell is
Q12 | Introduction of foreign genes into plant or animal cells using micropipettes is
Q13 | Which one of the following is releated with genetic engineering ?
Q14 | In bacteria, genes for antibiotic resistance are usually located in
Q15 | A technique used to make numerous copies of a specific segment of DNA quickly and accurately
Q16 | The enzyme that cleaves DNA at specific sites, producing sticky ends is called
Q17 | Which of the Following is a genetic vector ?
Q18 | Restriction endonucleases are used in genetic engineering because -
Q19 | Ideal host for the amplification of DNA molecules is
Q20 | Ti Plasmid naturally occurs in
Q21 | The sticky ends of Fragmented DNA molecules are made up of
Q22 | Which of the following are the essential requirements for recombination ?
Q23 | The Plasmid derived from E.Coli is
Q24 | Ti Plasmid is useful in
Q25 | Many copies of a DNA molecule in a test tube are procurred by