Biotechnology and its Applications Set 2

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Biotechnology and its Applications Set 2

Q1 | The science of biotechnology has contributed to field of
Q2 | The method of producing proteins for food or feed through microbial biomass is called
Q3 | The insulin prepared through genetic engineering is called
Q4 | The most common Bioinsecticide in present in the world for protection and mustard is——
Q5 | First progress in field of genetic engineering, in 1978 by Cohen, Berg and Boyer by synthesis of—————through E. coli
Q6 | Which was the first product contributed to human kind by science of Biotechnology in early 1972
Q7 | Which is the most common Plasmid used for most of genetically engineered product ?
Q8 | The main use of recombinant DNA technology are.....
Q9 | Biofuel is made by utilizing which strain of bacteria ?
Q10 | Bio augmentation is …..
Q11 | Which of the following animal is best known genetically ?
Q12 | Which one is a transgenic crop ?
Q13 | First transgenic mouse grew twice the normal size after drinking _______ containing water.
Q14 | The genetically modified crops introduced in India are …
Q15 | One of the following is the correct sequence to make a transgenic animals.
Q16 | one of the following is transgenic organisms
Q17 | Transgenic plants are produced by using Ti Plasmids from the
Q18 | Vaccine is a …...
Q19 | The typical machine for production of bio-products through microbial is
Q20 | The foods made from genetically modified crops required to Pass human testing because
Q21 | There are set of health care products. Match them with organisms which are genetically engineered for respective products.A. Insulin 1. Escherichia coli / saccharomycesB. Somatotropin 2. Escherichia coli / yeastC. Interferon 3. G M E coliD. Interleukins 4. hGH in E. coli5. Humulin through E. coliA B C D
Q22 | Pick up the correct set.A. Spirulina 1. Non surfacetant polymers for oil recoveryB. Monilia / Fusarium 2. SCPC. Methanobrevibacter 3. Ethanol from carbohydratesD. Aureobasidium 4. Curd formation5. Biogas formationA B C D
Q23 | Tissue culture technique has been biotechnologically successful in production of -
Q24 | Yeast is a good source of
Q25 | The micro – organism involves in making bread is …..