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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Biomolecules-2 Set 4

Q1 | which kind of arrangement lies in the two polynucleotide chain of DNA?
Q2 | If the one base chain sequence of DNA is ACGTTGG then what will be the base Sequence of opposite chain
Q3 | What is ATP?
Q4 | What is enzyme?
Q5 | Which of the following is not true for enzyme
Q6 | What is Ribozymes?
Q7 | Enzymes are present in which parts of plant?
Q8 | What is an apoenzyme?
Q9 | What is co – enzyme?
Q10 | Find out the correct function of co-enzyme?
Q11 | Which one property is not true for enzyme?
Q12 | The rate of most of enzyme catalyzed reaction changes with PH as the PH Increases this rate?
Q13 | Near freezing point an enzyme is
Q14 | A temperature change from 30oC to 50oC the rate of enzyme actively will:
Q15 | An enzyme brings about
Q16 | Enzymes are polymers of:
Q17 | Which one is not correct for enzyme?
Q18 | Inorganic catalyst recognized what when it attached an enzyme?
Q19 | At which place the substrate combines with the enzymes:
Q20 | Fill it E + S ?________
Q21 | Enzyme and substrate complementary each other such as
Q22 | Which one of the following chemical is classified as an enzyme?
Q23 | In the cell digestive enzymes are mostly in which cell organells?
Q24 | Enzymes are named after their substrate adding suffix –
Q25 | The enzyme which removes hydrogen from the substrate is known as: