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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Biomolecules-2 Set 2

Q1 | What does the following diagram show?
Q2 | The classification of the protein in two types depends on
Q3 | Nuclein separated in to which components?
Q4 | Which one of the following is the major component of chromosome?
Q5 | Nucleic acid contains which group of molecules in their constitution?
Q6 | Nucleic acids means
Q7 | Which are the structural units of DNA?
Q8 | Which one group is the subunit of nucleotide?
Q9 | Which of the following will be characteristically different in different living organism?
Q10 | Which one is not a polymer?
Q11 | The illustration given below is which nitrogen base:
Q12 | The illustration given below is which nitrogen base:
Q13 | The following diagram represents the nitrogenous bases of nucleic acid Molecules Identify the correct combination:
Q14 | What is Ribonucleoside?
Q15 | What ‘A’ and ‘B’ indicates in the given diagram?
Q16 | Which two sequential carbon number of nucleotides join through phosphodiaster bond?
Q17 | What is Guanine?
Q18 | Ribonucleoside formed from ribonucleotide while:-
Q19 | DNA is localized in which cell organelle?
Q20 | A DNA stand is directly involved in the synthesis of all the following except –
Q21 | Nucleic acids were discovered by whom?
Q22 | Nucleic acids are related with which activity?
Q23 | What ‘A’ and ‘B’ indicates in the given structure?
Q24 | Chemically DNA differs from RNA by:
Q25 | Nucleic acids are polymers of which molecules?