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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Animal Tissue Set 2

Q1 | Nucleus of which leucocytes have many lobe :-
Q2 | The darker bands in muscle fibre is called
Q3 | Which muscle tissue is mononucleate having granular sarcoplasm around its nucleus :-
Q4 | The lighter bands in muscles fiber is called :-
Q5 | A structure formed by enveloped of schwann's cells
Q6 | Cell body of which neuron giving rise to both dendrite and axonal branches.
Q7 | Which structure is indicated by each myelinated nerve fibre.(A) Neurilemma (B) Constritions at regular intervals called nodes of ranvier(C) Neurotransmitters (D) SynapesDirections : In the following questions there are two statements; Assertion (A) and Reason (R):
Q8 | Which pair of structures distinguishes a nerve cell from other cells.
Q9 | Transitional epithelium occurs in : (MHTCET 2008)
Q10 | The study of tissues is knows as : (MPPMT 2010)
Q11 | Find out the wrong match : (Kerala 2010)
Q12 | The outer covering of cartilage is called. (WB 2010)
Q13 | Skin is : (CPMT 2010)
Q14 | Match the animals listed in column-I to blood listed in column-II. (KCET 2010)Column-I Column-II(P) Man (i) Plasma and cells are colourless(Q) Earth worm (ii) Plasma colourless and nucleated RBC(R) Cockroach (iii) Plasma colourless and enucleated RBC(S) Frog (iv) Plasma red and nucleated colourless RBC(v) Plasma and RBS have haemoglobin
Q15 | Matrix of bone and cartilage can be distinguished by the presence of : (Orrisa 2010)
Q16 | Which type of tissue forms glands : (MPPMT 2010)
Q17 | Which of the following blood cells help in blood coagulation. (Orrisa 2010)
Q18 | Fibroblasts macrophages and mast cells are present in : (Kerala 2010)
Q19 | Which type of epithelium is involved in a function to move particles or mucus in specific direction : (HPPMT 2010)
Q20 | Which of these is not found in connective tissue : (MPPMT 2010)
Q21 | Multi-lobed nucleus and granular cytoplasm are characteristics of which of the WBCs :(Orissa 2010)
Q22 | Which one of the following plasma proteins is involved in the coagulation of blood. (CBSE 2011)
Q23 | Which of the following is not a connecting tissue. (CPMT 2010)
Q24 | The ciliated columnar epithelial cells in humans are knows to occur in. (CBSE 2011)
Q25 | Which of the following is correct for (1), (2), (3) lebelled in the given diagram ?