Animal Husbandary and Plant Breeding Set 1

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Animal Husbandary and Plant Breeding Set 1

Q1 | The cow contain 250 kg weight produce how much protei=n per day.
Q2 | Cattle keepers are in center position in dairy industry because........
Q3 | Who was pioneer of dairy industry in Gujarat ?
Q4 | Where Imperial Veterinary Research Institute is located ?
Q5 | Who is known as the father of modern bee science ?
Q6 | Which is improper pair ?
Q7 | What is carried out in apiary (apiculture) ?
Q8 | Edible marine fishes are
Q9 | Which type of hybridization is done for mule ?
Q10 | Single cell protein is produced by
Q11 | Which sentence is not proper for the uses of single cell protein ?
Q12 | Which microorganism produces same quantity of protein per day ?
Q13 | Which is corrcet for plant breeding.
Q14 | Which substance is twice amount of in maize hybrids.
Q15 | Write full form of IVRI ?
Q16 | Write full form of IARI ?
Q17 | At temperature is carried for the explant in tissue cultare?
Q18 | Callus is obtaind during which time in tissue cultare ?
Q19 | In which method rotary shaker is used ?
Q20 | Which method can be used for hybrid plantlet of interspecific ?
Q21 | The hybridization to obtain higher level of protein and minerals is..........
Q22 | Which statement is improper for intraspecific hybridization.
Q23 | Which genetically engineered technique is used to reduce enviornmental pollution to solve human nutrition problem.
Q24 | The plant tissue or organ that produce callus by division is called.......
Q25 | In which plant the seeds do not contain stored food ?