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This set of SDM Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Sdm Set 1

Q1 | The process of planning, analysing, controlling and implementing the activities of sales force is classified as
  • indirect sales management
  • direct sales management
  • sales force management
  • persuasion management
  • one of the above
Q2 | The field sales force is also called as
  • inside sales force
  • outside sales force
  • channel intermediaries
  • none of the above
  • one of the above
Q3 | The tools of sales promotion that are used to trigger short term customer involvement or to build customer relationships are classified as
  • inbound promotion
  • outbound promotion
  • organizational promotion
  • consumer promotions
  • one of the above
Q4 | The step of personal selling process in which the sales person learns about potential buyerbefore making a call for sale is classified as
  • pre-approach
  • sales nomination
  • qualifying
  • prospecting
  • one of the above
Q5 | The sales promotion tool through which resellers are persuaded to carry brand, provide shelf space, promote advertising and push to final buyers is classified as
  • point of purchase promotion
  • trade promotion
  • event promotion
  • off deal promotion
  • one of the above
Q6 | The last step in personal selling process is
  • present and demonstrate
  • follow up
  • closing
  • approach
  • one of the above
Q7 | Qualifying a prospect is
  • identical with checking references for an applicant
  • determining which applicant to hire
  • conducting an exit interview
  • determining if a prospect is interested in a product
  • one of the above
Q8 | Which of the following statements about sales force management is true?
  • The sales force is the firm's most direct link to the customer
  • The statement, "The world will beat a path to your door if you build a better mousetrap," reflects how business operates today
  • As organizations implement the marketing concept, they soon realize how important it is to be sales-oriented
  • Personal selling is usually less expensive than advertising
  • one of the above
Q9 | Which of the following statements about the sales force in the 21st century is true?
  • Sales managers will use a hands-off approach and let the professional salesperson be his or her own boss
  • Transactional exchanges no longer occur
  • Sales management must be smart and nimble and provide technology-centered solutions to support the sales effort
  • Salespeople make little use of the Internet because they realize the importance of the personal touch
  • one of the above
Q10 | __________refers to the administration of the personal selling component of a company’s marketing program.
  • Sales management
  • Distribution Management
  • Promotion Management
  • Marketing Management
  • one of the above
Q11 | Choose the correct statement.
  • Marketing management is a broader concept and sales management is a part of marketing management.
  • Sales management is a broader concept and marketing management is a part of marketing management.
  • Marketing management and sales management are equivalent.
  • There is no connection between sales management and marketing management
  • one of the above
Q12 | Sales and Distribution Management majorly focuses on the___________ aspect of an organization.
  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Negotiating
  • Producing
  • one of the above
Q13 | The oral presentation of a company’s products, or services to one or more prospective purchasers for the purpose of making a sale is known as ______.
  • Sales Planning
  • Personal Selling
  • Sales & Distribution Management
  • Oral Selling
  • one of the above
Q14 | Personal selling is used extensively in ___________ products.
  • Simple and less technical
  • Complex and non-technical
  • Complex and highly technical
  • Simple & highly technical
  • one of the above
Q15 | Personal selling has ________ communication.
  • One Way
  • Two Way
  • Indirect
  • Direct
  • one of the above
Q16 | Companies engage in sales training to:
  • increase absenteeism and turnover
  • increase selling costs
  • decrease sales volume
  • change or reinforce behavior that makes salespeople more efficient
  • one of the above
Q17 | The formula N = S/P (1 + T) is for………………
  • Workload
  • Sales potential (or breakdown)
  • Incremental
  • None of the above
  • one of the above
Q18 | The sales force can play a central role in achieving a marketing orientation strategy, by
  • Maintaining infrequent contact with customer
  • Collecting and disseminating market information
  • Focusing on cutting costs
  • Following the competition's lead
  • one of the above
Q19 | From management's point of view, what is the advantage of a straight salary compensationplan?
  • With a straight salary plan, selling costs are kept in proportion to sales.
  • The straight salary plan is simple and economical to administer.
  • With a straight salary plan, salespeople have the assurance of positive feedback.
  • A straight salary plan links performance to leadership style.
  • one of the above
Q20 | The most critical impact to a sales organization affected by down-sizing is that:
  • The sales team is de-motivated
  • The company must recalculate sales budgets
  • The sales workload must be redistributed
  • Customers may change suppliers due to severed relationship with salesperson
  • one of the above
Q21 | The three major tasks involved in the implementation stage of the sales management process are:
  • salesforce recruitment and selection, salesforce training, and salesforce motivation and compensation.
  • Developing account management policies, implementing the account management policies, correcting the account management policies.
  • Setting sales objectives, organizing the salesforce, and developing account management policies.
  • Organizing the salesforce, quantitative assessment, and follow-up.
  • one of the above
Q22 | In which method does the net profits will increase when additional salespeople are added, If the increase in the amount of sales revenue exceed the incremental costs?
  • Workload
  • Sales potential (or breakdown)
  • Incremental
  • None of the above
  • one of the above
Q23 | An effective sales plan objective should be:
  • Precise, measurable, and time specific.
  • General, measurable, and flexible.
  • Profitable, subjective, and measurable.
  • Precise, profitable, and flexible.
  • one of the above
Q24 | If a company chooses to employ its own sales force, the three organizational structures it may use are:
  • Dollar volume, geography, and customer.
  • Geography, customer, and product.
  • Geography, market size, and product.
  • Market size, product, and customer.
  • one of the above
Q25 | Long-term compensation plans:
  • Include bonuses and contests
  • Should be evaluated and modified quarterly
  • Should be well thought out, so that few changes will be needed from year to year
  • Must be developed so that short-term compensation plans will not be necessary
  • one of the above