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This set of Data Communication and Computer Network Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Data Communication And Computer Network Set 2

Q1 | Which one of the following is a transport layer protocol used in networking?
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • Both TCP and UDP
  • None of the mentioned
Q2 | Transport layer protocols deals with
  • application to application communication
  • process to process communication
  • node to node communication
  • none of the mentioned
Q3 | Which one of the following is a transport layer protocol?
  • stream control transmission protocol
  • internet control message protocol
  • neighbor discovery protocol
  • dynamic host configuration protocol
Q4 | When displaying a web page, the application layer uses the _____________
  • HTTP protocol
  • FTP protocol
  • SMTP protocol
  • TCP protocol
Q5 | Application layer protocol defines ____________
  • types of messages exchanged
  • message format, syntax and semantics
  • rules for when and how processes send and respond to messages
  • all of the mentioned