Irrigation Engineering Set 8

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This set of Irrigation Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Irrigation Engineering Set 8

Q1 | Distributary head regulators are provided
  • to control the supplies to the off-taking channel
  • to control the silt entry in the off-taking canal
  • to stop the supply, when not needed, in the off-taking canal
  • all of the above
Q2 | Which of the following is a type of semi-module outlet?
  • Submerged pipe outlet
  • Open flume outlet
  • Kennedy's gauge outlet
  • all of these
Q3 | The opening in the weir wall with a crest at low level on the canal side is known as under sluice or scouring sluice.
  • Correct
  • Incorrect
Q4 | The optimum depth of kor watering for wheat in the plains of north India is
  • 13.5 cm
  • 16.5 cm
  • 19 cm
  • 21 cm
Q5 | The flexibility of a hyper-proportional outlet is
  • greater than
  • equal to
  • less than
Q6 | In a proportional outlet, the rate of change of its discharge is
  • equal to
  • more than
  • less than
Q7 | A weir fails due to
  • rupture of floor due to uplift
  • rupture of floor due to suction caused by standing wave
  • scour on the upstream and downstream of the weir
  • all of the above
Q8 | The average delta of rice crop is nearly
  • 30 cm
  • 60 cm
  • 120 cm
  • 150 cm
Q9 | The science which deals with the physical features and conditions of water on the earth surface is called
  • hydrometry
  • hydrography
  • hydrosphere
  • hydraulics
Q10 | A groyne with a curved head is known as
  • hockey groyne
  • burma groyne
  • denehy groyne
  • none of these
Q11 | The slope of a canal, for a discharge of 300 cumecs, should be
  • 1 in 4000
  • 1 in 6000
  • 1 in 8000
  • 1 in 10000
Q12 | The precipitation caused by natural rising of warmer lighter air in colder and denser surroundings, is called
  • convective precipitation
  • orographic precipitation
  • cyclonic precipitation
  • none of these
Q13 | The sensitivity of a rigid module is
  • equal to zero
  • less than unity
  • equal to unity
  • more than unity
Q14 | The Sarda canal has a
  • glacis type fall
  • vertical drop fall
  • Ogee fall
  • rapid fall
Q15 | When discharge of an outlet is independent of the water levels in the water course and the distributary, the outlet is termed as a
  • flexible outlet
  • non-modular outlet
  • semi-module outlet
  • rigid module
Q16 | For low navigation dams, the type of gate used is
  • rolling gate
  • bear trap gate
  • vertical lift gate
  • drum gate
Q17 | The coefficient of creep is the reciprocal of percolation coefficient.
  • Right
  • Wrong
Q18 | Cross regulators are provided
  • to raise the water level to its upstream during the periods of low discharges in the parent channel
  • to help in closing the supply to down stream of the parent channel
  • to absorb fluctuation in various sections of the canal system
  • all of the above
Q19 | The commonly used rain gauge is
  • weighing bucket type
  • tipping bucket type
  • float type
  • none of these
Q20 | Which of the following statement is wrong?
  • In Kennedy's wilt theory, no account was taken of silt concentration and bed load.
  • Kennedy did not gave any slope equation.
  • In Kennedy's theory, silt grade and silt charge were not defined.
  • none of the above
Q21 | The sensitivity of an outlet is defined as the ratio of the
  • rate of change of discharge of an outlet to the rate of change of discharge of the distributing channel
  • rate of change of discharge of an outlet to the rate of change in level of the distributing surface, referred to normal depth of the channel
  • depth of the sill or the crest level of the module below the full supply of the distributing channel to the full supply depth of the distributing channel
  • head recovered to the head put in an outlet
Q22 | Crop ratio is the ratio of area irrigated
  • in Rabi season to Kharif season
  • in Kharif season to Rabi season
  • under perennial crop to total crop
  • under perennial crop to non-perennial crop
Q23 | The depth of root zone is 90 cm for
  • wheat
  • sugar cane
  • rice
  • cotton
Q24 | A parabolic glacis type fall is commonly known as
  • Montague fall
  • Inglis fall
  • Sarda fall
  • vertical type fall
Q25 | For Madras catchments, the flood discharge is estimated from Q = CA2/3. This formula is known as
  • Dicken's formula
  • Ryve's formula
  • Nawab Jang Bahadur formula
  • Inglis formula