International Business Management Set 3

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This set of International Business Management (IBM) Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on International Business Management Set 3

Q1 | Which is the element of social responsibility?
  • Universal concept.
  • Supremancy of public interest.
  • It is related to business organization.
  • All of the above
Q2 | Which one of the following is not principle of business ethics?
  • Principle of universality.
  • Principle of humanity.
  • Principle of autonomy.
  • Principle of dissatisfaction.
Q3 | Business ethics is a dynamic philosophy of ---- economic adjustment whose field is widening day-by-day
  • Socio
  • Political
  • Historical
  • Traditional
Q4 | The social responsibility of business towards the owners of business includes
  • Maximum ROI.
  • Report about progress.
  • Report of Profit.
  • All of the above.
Q5 | CSR that extends beyond legal mandates can help meet social expectations in the absence of:
  • Statutory devices.
  • Social tool
  • Cost tool & technique
  • Science tool
Q6 | The relationship between standards of CSR & potential legal requirements governingcorporate operation lies at the heart of the
  • The business community.
  • Unattaniable
  • Formulation
  • The social activity.
Q7 | The argument for CSR involves
  • Recognition of moral obligations by business.
  • Need to balance power with responsibility.
  • Voluntary actions would prevent government regulations.
  • All of the above
Q8 | The spending on CSR activity is mandatory in India for following organisations:
  • 3% spending for above 5 cr profit organisations.
  • 2% spending for above 5 cr profit organisations.
  • 1% spending for above 5 cr profit organizations.
  • Some spending on above 5cr profit organizations