OnCooking(RHT 2990) Ch. 6 Review Exercise

What should you place under your cutting board while cutting or? chopping?

Damp towel

Which product could you? chiffonade?


What is the first rule of knife? safety?

Be mindful and focus on what you are doing

When prepping 40 pounds of gaufrette or waffle cut? potatoes, which of the following slicing devices would you? choose?


Which of the following do you begin with to tone your? knife?


Which stone should be used first to sharpen a very dull knife when using a? triple-sided sharpening? stone?

The coarse stone

What is the? traditional, classical cut for garnishing stews and? entrees?


When dicing an? onion, what must you do? first?

Remove the stem end and then trim the root end

Where should you place your thumb when gripping your knife before? cutting?

On the side of the blade

When sharpening a dull knife on a? whetstone, at what angle to the stone should you hold the blade and push it away from you in one long? arc?


How should you grip your boning knife when boning out large pieces of? meat?

Underhand grip

What are the last two steps when properly preparing a large amount of chopped fresh? parsley?

Rinse and squeeze dry

What is the most common way to hold a paring? knife?

Grip the handle with four fingers and place the thumb on the front of the handle

To prevent? dulling, store knives in a knife drawer to protect them from other tools.


What is the safe method for washing your? knives?

Never leave a knife in a sink of water

Which of the following is an allowable material for cutting? boards?


Which of the following techniques results in small balls or spheres of fresh melon used in fruit salad or tiny spheres of? carrot, squash or avocado used to garnish? soup?


Why is the synchronous use of both hands helpful when cutting and chopping? foods?

You can use one to hold the food and the other to control the knife

Which of the following is NOT an example of good knife? technique?

Use force

Do not attempt to catch a falling? knife; step back and allow it to fall.


Which classic vegetable cut is achieved when you finely slice or shred leafy? herbs, lettuce or? spinach?


Why would you wash a knife in a commercial? dishwasher?

You wouldn't. Harsh chemicals can damage the edge and the handle.

Which of the following instructions to sharpen a knife is? incorrect?

Draw the entire knife blade, including the tip, across the steel. Repeat on the other side of the knife blade.

Brunoise refers to which of the following end? products?

Cube shaped item that measures 1/8 inch X 1/8 inch X 1/8 inch (3mmX3mmX3mm)

If you must use a dull? knife, be sure to use as much force as possible to cut through the product.


What type of oil should be used on most types of modern sharpening? stones?

Mineral oil

What does the term? "ch�teau" refer? to?

Turned vegetables approximately 2 inches/5 centimeters in length

Which cutting technique do you use when uniformity of size and shape do not? matter?


What is the proper way to wash your knives after? use?

Clean, sanitize and dry knifes by hand.

What is the safe method for carrying a? knife?

Point it down, parallel and close to your leg as you walk