Part three mythology (English 10)

How is Perseus' birth magical?

Perseus' birth is magical because he is the son of Zeus.

How does Perseus' story compare to when Cinderella's fairy godmother gives her a ball gown and a coach?

Perseus received an indestructible sword from Hermes, a bronze shield from Athena, and winged sandals, magic wallet, and the invisible cap from the Hyperborean maidens.

How does Perseus' story compare to when Cinderella has certain rules to follow, such as leaving the ball by midnight?

Perseus must follow Hermes' rules to get the directions from the Gray Women, and he cannot look at Medusa or else he will turn into stone.

How does Perseus' story compare to when Cinderella is rescued from a miserable life by her fairy godmother?

Perseus saved Andromeda from a monster, Dictys and Dana� from Polydectes, and himself and Dana� by killing Acrisius.

How does Perseus' story compare to when Cinderella gets the prince in the end?

Perseus marries Andromeda in the end.

Before Theseus can go to Athens and claim King Aegeus as his father, what great test of strength is he required to perform?

Theseus is required to roll away the stone and get the things beneath it.

Why is Theseus loved by the Greeks before he ever meets his father?

Theseus was loved by the Greeks before he ever meets his father because he cleared Athens of evil.

What two things does Theseus do to help the Athenians in their conflict with Minos?

Theseus killed Minotaur and he led the young Athenians out of the Labyrinth.

What kind of ruler is Theseus when he becomes King of Athens?

Theseus becomes a wise and disinterested ruler. The kingdom then becomes an equal people's government and he becomes Commander in Chief.

How does the story of Hippolytus, Theseus' son, and Phaedra, his wife, bring about the end of Theseus?

Phaedra fell in love with Hippolytus and killed herself when he refused her love, and lied in his suicide letter that he hurt her. Hippolytus was banished and then was forgiven when Theseus found out the truth. Theseus was then killed by King Lycomedes, h

What are four examples of Hercules great strength?

As a baby, Hercules strangled two snakes that Hera had sent to kill him. As a man, he strangled the Nemean lion. He also held up the heavens for a short time while Atlas went to get the Apples of Hesperides and overpowered the Cerberus with bare hands.

How could you interpret about Hercules with the following quote: "Intelligence did not figure largely in anything he did and was often conspicuously absent"?

Hercules was not very intelligent, and was more emotional than logical.

What happens to Hercules when Hera sends madness to possess him?

Hercules killed his children and Megara.

Is Hercules considered guilty of his crimes?

According to Theseus, he thinks Hercules is not guilty because he had not known what he was doing.

How does Hercules become involved in battling Death?

Hercules feels like he has to make up for being drunk and rude at Admetus' house by attempting to bring back Alcestis.

What happens after Hercules completes the twelve labors?

Hercules becomes a demigod. However, he doesn't find peace, so he continues performing heroic deeds.

How does Hercules die and why is he allowed onto Mount Olympus?

Hercules killed himself because he could not die, and he is allowed on Mt. Olympus because of his good deeds.

What are the circumstances of Atalanta's birth?

Atalanta's father was disappointed that a daughter was born instead of a son, so he left Atalanta on a wild mountainside, where Atalanta was nursed by a bear and then was raised by hunters.

List three adventures Atalanta has.

The three adventures Atalanta has was when she killed two Centaurs with arrows, when she hit the Calydonian boar with her arrow, and when she sailed with the Argonauts. She also wrestled Peleus and won.

What declaration does Atalanta make about marriage?

Atalanta declares that she would marry whoever could beat her in a footrace.

How does Melanion (Hippomenes) win Atalanta as his bride?

Melanian distracts Atalanta during the race with golden apples.

What becomes of Atalanta and her husband?

Atalanta and Melanion bore a son, Parthenopaeus, and they then became lions because of some affront offered to Zeus or Aphrodite.