Microbiology McGraw Hill


Technology that applies the power of microbes toward the manufacture of industrial products, foods, and drugs.

genetic engineering

Newer technology that manipulates the genetics of microbes, plants, and animals to create new products and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).


Process that involves the introduction of microbes into the environment to restore stability or to clean up toxic pollutants.

Select all answers that are roles played by microorganisms in our environment.

carry out photosynthesis, biological decomposition, nutrient recycling

The organism's two part scientific name originates from which of the levels of taxonomy?

Genus and species

When providing education about the organism Escherichia coli, the RN may also appropriately abbreviate the name as:

E. coli

In providing education about E. coli, the RN most appropriately uses which of the following terms, meaning disease-causing, to describe this organism?


Please choose the answer that best completes the blanks of this sentence in the correct order.
Disulfide bonds are involved in maintaining _______ protein structure as well as the ________ level of protein structure
exhibited by complex proteins such as a

tertiary; quaternary

Order the following choices to reflect the organization of taxa, from the most general to the most specific,
to test your understanding of levels of classification.

1. Doman

Order the following choices to reflect the relative sizes of microorganisms as compared to each other and other cells
and molecules, ranging from the largest to the smallest.

1. Helminths
3.Most bacteria
5.Hydrogen atom

the correct structure of DNA components can be presented as


Which of the following is a characteristic of double-stranded DNA?

2 nanometers in width, 10 bases per pair turns, and .34 nanometers per base pair

Which of the following DNA molecules is the most stable?


___________ is the term used to describe the broad field of science that employs the human manipulation of
microbes for use in industrial processes.


Which of the following choices is a correct way to denote the binomial name of a microorganism?

Staphylococcus aureus (both italicized)

Choose the response(s) that pertain to the relative burden of human infectious diseases in the world today.

Nearly 2,000 microbes can cause human disease
Many diseases that used to be considered noninfectious...
There is an increase in microbes that are resistant to drugs today

Select statements that apply to the theory of evolution to test your understanding of evolution.

has undergone years of testing
has not been disproven
is a well-established natural phenomenon

Which of the following correctly describes the concept of herd immunity?

If most of the population is immune to the infection, there is less likelihood of a susceptible person contracting the infection

Select characteristics exhibited by all cells.

Cytoplasma membrane