ch. 3: license law

The DRE may deny, suspend, revoke, or restrict the license of an applicant or licensee who subverts or attempts to subvert a licensing examination: what is subversion?

Subversion is considered conduct that includes but is not limited to the following:
1. Removing any exam material from a test site.
2. Reproducing exam material without authorization.
3. Using paid examinees for the purpose of reconstructing an examinatio

Mikela wants to research and study the requirements for the California Real Estate Examination Test. Where can she find the exam's purpose and requirements?:
A. California Business and Professions Code Section 10153
B. California Business and Professions

A. California Business and Professions Code Section 10153

Marc needs to score 12 points higher on the California State Licensing exam this time to earn a passing score. What was his initial exam score?
A. Marc's initial score was 68% based on the required passing score of 80%.
B. Marc's initial score was 63% bas

C. Marc's initial exam score was 58% based on the required passing score of 70%.

Miguel sits down, ready and prepared to take the examination. He neatly places his slide rule, programmable calculator, single piece of scratch paper, answer sheet, pencil and pocket-size electronic calculator on the desk and he is ready to begin. Althoug

B. The programmable calculator

Lydia applied for the salesperson examination in January 2014. She sat for the exam three times in 2014 and four times in 2015. Each time, Lydia did not receive a passing score. How many times may Lydia sit through the examination in 2016?
A. Lydia may re

C. Lydia may re-take the examination as many times as it takes to earn a passing score, but her application will expire in January and she must reapply first.

Lydia has decided to actually spend a considerable amount of time STUDYING for the exam this time, in hope of earning a passing score. Her application has expired in the two years of fruitless reexaminations. What does she need to do to reapply?:
A. File

D. File the Salesperson Examination Application (RE400A)along with the appropriate fee.

Marta and Sean acquire notes from a previous California State Licensing Exam through a friend. This friend had previously taken the exam and managed to record the questions on his scratch piece of paper. Marta and Sean score passing grades on their exams,

D. Both A and B

John completes the Salesperson Examination Application and submits it to the California Department of Real Estate. Driving home from work, he realizes he used his old address and not his new one on the application. What should he do?
A. Contact the DRE an

B. Once a completed Salesperson Examination Application is submitted to the DRE, no changes of any kind may be made to the application.

Raj is stressed. He is getting ready to take the salesperson examination and doesn't know where to begin studying. Help Raj by telling him the examination topic(s) with the largest concentration of questions.
A. Contracts
B. Laws of Agency
C. Practice of

C. Practice of Real Estate and Mandated Disclosures

Lydia feared she did not pass the California State Licensing Exam AGAIN. As she nervously opened the envelope that held the results, what was the first clue to the outcome of her reexamination?
A. She received an actual score and nothing else, which meant

B. She did NOT receive an actual score this time in the mail. This means she finally passed the licensing exam, and her license application is included in the envelope.
Examination results are mailed to the applicant or the applicant can check the results

Sara waited and waited and waited for what she thought was a lifetime. Finally, Thursday morning the results of her California real estate examination arrived. What was the maximum length of "the lifetime" Sara waited and could she have gotten her results

A. Sara's lifetime wasn't too long. The results are normally mailed out in five days. She could have also received her results online through the eLicensing system and through the Interactive Voice Response system.