Mid-term Study Guide: Dental Assisting Part #3

_____ is an agent capable of killing all microogranisms


a piece of equipment used in sterilization by means of hot formaldehyde vapors under pressure


instruments that come in contact with oral tissues but do not penetrate soft tissue or bone are identified as _____

semicritical instruments

a piece of equipment used for sterilization by means of heated air is the _____

dry-heat sterilizer

______ is a resistant, dormant structure that is formed inside of some bacteria and can withstand adverse conditions

an endosphere

the instrument classifications used to determine the method of sterilization

critial, semicritial, noncritical

the basic rule of the workflow pattern in an instrument-processing area is ____


how are instruments precleaned?

by hand scrubbing, by ultrasonic cleaning, with a thermal washer/disinfector

works by sound waves

ultrasonic cleaner

rusting of instruments can be prevented by ____


pins, staples, or paper clips are not used on the instrument packaging because they will

cause holes in the packaging

where do you place a process indicator?

outside of the package

_____ do not assure that an item is sterile

multiparameter indicators

inproper contact of sterilizing agent, improper temperature, overloading the sterilizer causes ____

sterilization faliures

what is the primary disadvantage of "flash" sterilization?

inability to wrap items

an example of dry heat sterilization is

static air

how do you prepare a high speed handpiece sterilization?

flush water through it

what type of heat sterilization is appropriate for high soeed handpieces?

steam ans chemical vapor

a _____ is an involuntary muscular contraction


is a redness that is most likely caused by inflammation or infection


rapid onset of a symptom is acute


an ____ can trigger an allergic state


a persons particular way or manner of moving by foot


_____ are the immunoglobulins produced by lymphoid tissue in response to a foreign substance


a substance that is introduced into the body to stimulate the production of an antibody is an


an abnormally low level of glucose in the blood is the condition of


a _____ occurs when an area of heart tissue undergoes nercosis as a result of obstruction of blood supply

myocardial infraction

when a patient is breathing abnormally fast or deep


the time from induction of an anesthetic to its complete reversal is its ____


_____ is determining the exact amount of drug used to achieve a desired level of sedation


something that is ___ will have openings to allow gas or fluid to pass through


the time from injection to the effective anesthesia is the _____


a stage in which the preception of pain is dulled without producing unconsciousness


____ are used in dentisty for numbing surface tissue

topical anesthetics

____ are injected near a nerve to create a numbing effect

local anestheic

___ is added to a local anesthetic to prolong its effect


numbness that lasts longer than normal


level or stage of anesthesia when a patient is he or she is relaxed and fully consious