Mid-term Study Guide: Dental Assisting Part #2

a rubber dam clamp used for bicuspids is __


the _______ is the red plastic container where needles and other sharp objects are disposed

sharps container

a sensor for taking digital xrays costs from

$6000 to $8000

the amalgam instrument for carving the amalgam between the teeth is the ____

interproximal carver

_____ is a persistant infection in which the symptoms come and go

latent infection

an _______ has symptoms that are quite severe and have short duration

acute infection

an infection of long duration is called a ____

chronic infection

the Osha Bloodborne Pathogens Standard is designed to protect employees against ______ to bloodborne pathogens

occupational exposure

______ is the touching or contact with a patients blood or saliva

direct contact

_____ is the touching or contact with a contaminated surface or instrument

indirect contact

a _____ exposure enters through the mucosal surfaces of the eyes, nose, or mouth

droplet infection

a ________ contacts with mucous membrane, such as the eye or mouth

permucosal exposure

any reaasonably anticipated skin, eye, mucous membrane contact, or percutaneous injury with blood or any other potentially infectious materials during work hours

occutational exposure

is a standard of care designed to protect healthcare providers from pathogens that can be spread by blood or any other bodily fluid, excretion, or secretion.

standard precautions

items such as protective clothing, masks, gloves, and eyewear to protect employees are considered ______

personal protective equipment (PPE)

waste that presents a danger to humans or the enviornment

hazardous waste

contaminated needles, scaplal blades, orthodontic wires, and endodontic instruments are considered ____


_____ contaminated items that may contain the bodily fluids of patients, such as gloves and patient napkins

contaminated waste

the most severe form of immediate allergic reaction is _____


infections that can be spread from another person or from contact with body fluids are ______

communicable diseases

________ is immunity that is present at birth

inherited immunity

_______ is immunity that is developed during a persons lifetime

acquired immunity

______ occurs when a person has contracted and is recovering from a disease

naturql acquired immunity

the most common route of contamination

direct contact

term for acquiring an infection through mucosal tissues

droplet infection

what infection control measures help prevent disease transmission from the dental team to the patient?

using gloves, handwashing, and masks

the purpose of the OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard is to ____

protect employees

are used to protect healthcare providers from pathogens that can be spread by blood or any body fluid, excretion, or secretion

standard precautions

all of the following are TRUE about allergies

the primary cause of death associated with latex allergies is anaphylaxis
there is no specific cure for latex allergies
persons who suspect they have a latex allergy should see a physician

____ does not involve the immune system

irritant dermatitis

what must an employee do if he or she does not want the hepatits B shot?

sign an informed refusal form

long, artificial nails and rings should be avioded when working in a dental office because

they can harbor pathogens

an example of PPE is ____