Social studies study guide

What is it meant by upper and lower Egypt?

There were 2 parts of Egypt

Define Cataracts.

strong rapids

What sea does the Nile empty into? What is the geographic feature between the Nile and that sea?


What is the difference between the Red land and the Black land?

Dry, (red), Rich soil, (black)

What protected Egypt from invasion?

Ramses the Great

Who was the first pharaoh of Egypt and what did he do to symbolize his reign?

Menes, He built a Barrier around Memphis to keep the Nile from flooding it.

What is the term for a family that rules generation after generation?

Pure blooded

Why were pharaohs to blame if disease, or the wrong weather plagued Egypt?

Well, they were to blame because they didn't 'protect' the city.

List the 6 layers of Egypt's 'Social Pyramid' in order.

Slaves, farmers and peasants, soldiers, architects and artisans and and artists, scribes, pharaohs

Why were pyramids built?

To keep the Pharaohs body in there

What is the Egyptian life force called? How is this tied to mummification?

It's called the soul, its tied to mummification because the soul would be trialed after mummification.

How were the pyramids built?

Farmers, surveyors, engineers, carpenters, stonecutters, and enslaved people worked together. Some people cut rocks. Others moved the rocks with sleds and barges. Others unloaded the stones and set them in place using ramps. It was, how do i say it, tirin

Why did the Old Kingdom end?

Not enough money.

Who invaded during the Middle Kingdom?


Who did Ramses go to war against? What was the significance of that war?

Hittites, he was supposed to go down and get beaten but instead he fought to a tie.

What separates an artisan from a peasant?

Peasants worked on the temple when told to. Artisans made statues, furniture, jewelry, footwear, pottery, etc.

What helped people translate Hieroglyphs?

The Rosetta Stone or, TRS

What direction are hieroglyphics written in?

Left to right, Right to left, Top to bottom, Bottom to top.

Describe an obelisk?<� (why is there a question mark there?)

An obelisk is a tall, detailed, pillar that stands about 33ft. Tall.

What is significant about the materials Kush sent to Egypt?

They made $, or money.