Health Provision Test

The Change of Occupation provision in a disability income policy states, in the event the insured changes to a less hazardous occupation, which may apply?

Benefits can be increased in the event of a covered claim

Which of the following Health insurance plans charge a prem that cannot be increased

Non cancelable, may not CHANGE in any way by the insurer up to a specified age, so long as the prems are paid. prems are not subject to changed beyond stated policy limits

Which of the following HI provisions requires that the application becomes part of the policy?

Entire Contract Clause

Periodic health claim payments MUST be made at least

Monthly. under an individual health policy, periodic claim payments must at least monthly. this applies primarily to disability income benefit payments

Disability income insurance normally excludes coverage for disabilities that arise from

active miliitary duty

An insured files for an accidnet and health insurance policy claim 8 days after the prem due date. the benefit payable is $500 and the overdue prem is$200. assuming that the policy pays on a first dollar basis and contains the unpaid prem provident, how m

$300, there is a grace period the unpaid prem may be subtracted from reimbursement

The standard provision of an A & HI policy require that the

the standard provisions of an A & HI requires the policy, attached papaers, and endoresements make up the entire contract

Omar is covered by disability income policy. he is hurt while preforming an occupation more hazardous than the occupation in his polcy. the pplic change of occupation provison will have what effect

Reduce the benefit level

Kelly purchases a HI issued on a conditionally renewable basis. the insurance co. had a right refuse renewal of the policy for

specific reasons stated in contract only

Who is protected with the "other insurance with the insurer" Provision

Insurance Co. allows the insurer to control over insurance through its own policies