comps cremation pretest


Types of markers that are level with the ground can be made of granite, bronze, and:

regulations of the cemetery determines requirements

When discussing outer burial containers during the arrangement conference, the funeral director must tell the family:


The act of placing cremated remains in a niche or grave:

artificial grass

sed at the cemetery to cover the earth around the grave:


A portable shelter employed to cover the grave area during the committal


A general term designating those places suitable for the reception of a dead human body:

perpetual care

An arrangement made by the cemetery whereby funds are set aside, the income from which is used to maintain the cemetery indefinitely:


A subdivision in a cemetery which consists of several graves or interment spaces:

National Cemetery

A cemetery created and maintained under an Act of Congress for burial of veterans of military service and their eligible family members:

guilty of unauthorized disinterments

A Board of Commissioners disinterred bodies in a town cemetery because the graves were unpaid. They had the bodies reburied in the free section of the cemetery. The Board of Commissioners were:

Not participate until the disinterment has been legally authorized

A son that paid for his father's funeral requested that his father's remains be moved to a cemetery closer to his home. His father had a surviving spouse. The funeral director should

that the widow could have the body disinterred

A widow sought to have her husband's remains removed from her in-laws' property. The evidence showed that the parents of the decedent and the wife were very hostile to each other. The court ruled:

that the next of kin could have the body moved to another cemetery

An Orthodox Jewish cemetery sought to prevent the decedent's next of kin from removing the decedent's remains to a Reformed Jewish Cemetery. The court ruled:


Which subdivision in a cemetery is the largest:


Is it necessary to identify the deceased prior to cremation?

to confirm identity and to ensure accuracy in cremation -

2. What is the purpose of identification in relation to cremation?


Should all the cremains be returned to the next of kin

ONLY if approval has been granted by NOK

If the NOK is not available, can the director return cremains to anyone


Should the director have a form for the family to sign stating 'receipt' of the cremains?

cremation permit,
authorization for cremation

What documents are needed to perform the cremation?

Funeral director and Doc

Who completes the DC?

Funeral director and ME

Who completes the cremation permit?

Funeral director and FAMILY

Who completes the authorization of cremation

Cremation Authorization Form

What form would a family sign that gives consent to remove medical devices

Corrugated fiberboard, cloth covered, finished wood (no metal) (The zinc in metal containers and hardware will set off the "warning device")

What types of containers are acceptable for cremation?

Funeral director and crematory operator

Who checks to ensure that paperwork, implanted devices removed, and deceased ready for cremation

temporary urn

What are the cremated remains placed in?

Funeral director or crematory operator

Who is responsible for placing these cremated remains?


Does the deceased need to be identified by a family member?


Can someone outside the family identify the body

Funeral director and/or embalmer

Who prepares the deceased to be identified?

Funeral director or crematory operator

Who evaluates the remains for cremation

to know what time of day cremation can take place and how long the cremation will last

Why would size be important to know before cremation


An average size retort is used for bodies up to

300 - 599 lbs.

Oversize retorts are used for bodies


If the crematory is offsite, does the funeral director have the right to ask for periodic visits?


Should the funeral home ask for compliance records from the crematory?


Can cremains be co-mingled?

Reduction of a dead human body to inorganic bone fragments by intense heat in a specifically designed retort or chamber

Define cremation?

People dying older, more transient population, education level, environmental awareness, has become more acceptable, increase in retirement communities,

What are some trends affecting cremation

less expensive, less land used, perceived as modern, more memorial options, and deemed more simple than burial

What are some reasons for selecting cremation?

Fuel, Oxygen, & Heat

What are the elements of combustion?

1400- 1800 F

What is the general temperature range for cremation?

Time, Temperature, and Turbulence

What are the three t's in relation to cremation?

Type 4

What type of waste is cremated remains classified?

Class 6 (VI)

What type of equipment is a crematory classified?

Deceased body and container

What are the two main characters or materials for cremation?

Moisture, Combustible, and Non-combustible

What 3 materials make up the human?

Launched into space, submerged in water, keepsakes, jewelry, etc.

What are the disposition options for cremated remains?

Casting, trenching, raking, burial, aerial scattering and water scattering.

What are the scattering options for cremated remains?

Factors which have led to the increase in the cremation rate in the U.S.:

1. A growing acceptance by the public of cremation
2. The relocation of the elderly to Florida, Arizona, and other areas in the sunbelt
3. The influx of immigrants from cultures that prefer cremation
4. a higher level of education in the American public

The Cremation Authorization Form covers the following areas

Identification of the Decedent
Identification of the Authorizing Agent (spouse/NOK/etc.)
Authority of Authorizing Agent - (has paramount right to authorize cremation)
Medical Devices (gives permission to remove)
Authorization to Cremate, Process, and Pulv

1 cubic inch of ash

1 lb. of body weight will yield just less than

A 200 cubic inch

urn is the "ideal" size of an urn.


who removes pacemakers

crematory operator

The person responsible to ensure appropriate paperwork is complete, implanted devices have been removed, and the deceased is ready for cremation is the:

50 degrees hotter

The secondary chamber should be ............... than the primary chamber.

yearly (annually)

A spontaneous inspection of a third party crematory should be conducted by a funeral home:

do not accept cremation

Orthodox Judaism and Islam religions


Cremation takes place following the funeral liturgy (which is always celebrated in a church).


Respectful final disposition of cremated remains involves interment or entombment. Scattering or keeping the remains in a home are NOT the reverent disposition that the church requires


Encourage cremation although it is NOT required

Medical radioactive materials

that have been implanted in cancerous tumors should be removed prior to cremation. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommends that if a person has died within two weeks of having some of these seeds implanted, they should be removed only by qualified me


Scattering cremated human remains at sea must be filed with the:

3 nautical miles

cattering of cremated remains in the ocean may be made at a distance of __________ from the shoreline:

Registered Mail by the USPS

If cremated remains are to be shipped, the funeral director should

Confirm the identity of the deceased

In order to ensure accuracy in cremation, the funeral director should:

Sign the Receipt of Cremains form

When the family receives the cremated remains, they should

All four children must sign the Authorization for Cremation

The deceased has no living spouse, but has four adult children. In order for the deceased to be cremated

medical examiner

The Cremation Permit must be signed by the funeral director, the registrar, and the:

next of kin

The Authorization for Cremation is completed by the funeral director and the:

Cremation Authorization Form

In order to remove medical devices, the funeral director must have the family sign the

corrugated fiberboard

Cremation containers are made of

use the urn provided by the family

If the family supplies an urn that was purchased at a different location, the funeral director can legally:

Funeral Director

Evaluation of the remains for cremation is made by the:

The largest bodies are always cremated first

The largest body to be cremated for the day is 300 lbs., the smallest body to be cremated is 95 lbs.

it helps with scheduling and timing of cremation

It is important for the crematory operator to know the size of the bodies because

can be made by a friend of the family

If the next of kin is not available to identify the body of the deceased, the identification:

Funeral Director

The preparation of the deceased for identification is done by the:

Plan to make periodic visits to the crematory

If the crematory is offsite, the funeral director should:

Request compliance records from the crematory on a regular basis

If the crematory is offsite, the funeral director should

Environmental awareness

A trend affecting the cremation rate is

. It is considered to be less expensive than burial

A reason that some people select cremation is:

Fuel, Oxygen, & Heat

The elements of combustion are:

1400 - 1800

What is the proper temperature range for cremation:

Type 4

What waste classification is cremated remains:

Class 6 (VI)

What type of equipment is a crematory classified as:

Moisture, Combustible, & Non-Combustible

What 3 materials make up the human

mother and her child cannot be cremated together in the same retort

Which statement is true:

The funeral director is legally liable for mistakes made by a third party crematory

Which statement is true

increased potential legal liability

Because the mistakes made in cremation are irreparable (cannot be undone), the funeral director is subject to:

Cremation Authorization Form

A key factor in protecting the funeral home from cremation legal liability is to utilize the:

Offer alternative containers or unfinished wood boxes

According to the FTC Funeral Rule, if a funeral home offers direct cremation, they must also:

Cremation Authorization Form

The next of kin gives written authorization to remove any medical devices implanted in the body

the authorizing agent or their personal representative viewing the body

The best way to ensure identification of the decedent is:


The cremation authorization form used by most funeral homes is the model cremation law drafted by the:

mis-delivery of cremated remains

A significant area of legal liability for the funeral home is:

disposition of the decedent's personal property

To avoid legal liability in cremation, it is important that the funeral director receive information regarding:


What metal will ignite and produce thick white smoke in the retort which is difficult to control:


Plain finished wooden caskets should be treated much like highly polished caskets when the cremation equipment is already hot. They still have varnish coatings which can spontaneously ignite if the retort is hot.

last cremation of the day if the crematory accepts metal caskets.

Metal containers should be the

Plastic and fiberglass

caskets are NOT suitable for cremation and must be refused

during the Civil War

The origin of the National Cemetery was

Priority Mail Express

States Postal Service for shipping cremated remains.
Must be shipped using

receiving funeral director.
that is a "known shipper

If cremated remains are shipped Air Cargo - they must be picked up by a

though TSA (Transportation Security Administration) in airports.
A plastic container (temporary container) must be used for x-ray

Cremated remains may be hand-carried

70 cubic inches

What is the capacity for most child containers

30 cubic inches

Most infant containers are less than

2 - 70 cubic inches

A keepsake container is usually

mortar and pestle

An infant or stillborn - there may not be any remains after cremation (the family should know this)
If there are remains, they should be pulverized with a

cremation pan

The infant is placed in a ........ so that any remains can be recovered

funeral home may be sued for breach of contractural duty if the body is damaged

The funeral director must directly supervise the burial in a cemetery because the

display a copy of the crematory's current license and the license must be visible from the outside of the vehicle

Any vehicle transporting a body to a crematory, other than a vehicle that is owned or operated by the funeral establishment must

a "slumber" or "visitation" room

Verification of the deceased should take place in

a reposing bed

may be used instead of a casket for viewing for identification purposes

Minimum care of the deceased before transporting to the crematory

Attaching the FH's ID tag
Undressing the deceased
Inspecting the body for valuables, medical devices and overall physical condition
Topical cleansing
Closing the eyes, positioning the body as straight as possible and covering it with a gown
Closing the mo

Symbolic Urn

What is an empty urn that is used in a memorial service called

Maintain and shelter

cremated remains that are not claimed

The Funeral Provider

cannot require the purchase of a casket for direct cremation

they must purchase or provide it

If the purchaser wants a container

listed on the GPL

If direct cremation is offered it must be