MARK 4450 Final Exam

What type of leading retailer has had the largest growth in mobile sales?

C. Department Stores

2012 proved to be the year of the smartphone (T/F)


Tablet users tend to be older and wealthier (T/F)


Mobile always means "on the go" (T/F)


Device adoption was driven by when your phone contract expired (T/F)


Which of the following age ranges had the lowest number of smartphone users as of Feb 2012?

D. 65+

The mobile phone is always in reach during which of the following activities?

E. All of the above.

What is on the "mobile snack list"?

E. All of the above

Which of the following is NOT a source of generation of the bulk of US retail mcommerce sales?

C. Non-iOS users

Interfere with the functioning of the game world or the play experience of other players" (matching definition)

B. Killers

accumulate status tokens by beating the rules-based challenges of the game world" (matching definition)

C. Achievers

discover the systems governing the operation of the game world" (matching definition)

A. Explorers

form relationships with other players by telling stories within the game world" (matching definition)

D. Socializers

Which of the following is not a step in developing a social game?

E. All of the above are steps in the development of a social game

Game design is the process of designing the content and rules of a game and design of gameplay, environment, storyline, and characters during pre-production. ( T/F)


A good social strategy will first measure ROI, then make virtual worlds real, then build a great strategy and market effectively. (T/F)


All of the following are important strategies of social gaming except...

B. build it from scratch

Gaming only attracts high volumes of users,and it does not engage players or long periods of time. (T/F)


The average game player is BLANK years old.

C. 31

Which of the following are examples of product placement in social gaming?

E. All of the above

Marketers use social gaming to build brand recognition (T/F)


Social strategy is about BLANK , not BLANK

D. People, Technology

Women age 18 or older represent a significantly greater portion of the game playing population than boys 18 or older (T/F)


Which company was Jen involved in creating a social game for?

B. Coke

When was MegaPlayer's 1st pitch?

C. April 29, 2008

Social games provide the perfect vehicle for driving brand awareness, revenue, and promotions. (T/F)


MegaPlayer's first pitch was for...


The viral coefficient must be greater than 1 to have true viral growth. (T/F)


Which Georgia school made it in the top 6 for game design?

D. Savannah School of Arts

Which career may be difficult to break into?

C. social gaming

In order to develop an effective game, you must consider which of the following types of players?

B. Killer, Achievers, Socializers, Explorers

The same basic principles of
that work for board games, card games and athletic games also are they keys to making top-quality video and online games.

A. Psychology

Virality is:

D. The tendency to spread by word of mouth

The number of female gamers, 50 years and older increased what percentile between 2012 and 2013?

C. 32%

To have a true viral growth, the viral coefficient must be equal to 0. (T/F)


Hyper local refers to...

B. Local businesses that target a specific region

work alongside traditional marketing efforts to augment campaigns" (Matching definition)

A. Campaign Augmentation

Monitor social platforms for brand mentions, respond to opportunities for service fulfillment and correct service failures" (Matching definitions)

C. Chatter and Mention

Socially-driven campaigns that are supported by other marketing discipline" (Matching definition)

B. Social Campaigns

creating a program for franchisees or local store managers wishing to engage on the social web that carefully balances corporate brand goals with local businesses leads" (matching definition)

D. Franchise/ Local Integration

Which of the following is an objective of social marketing?

D. All of the above

Which of the following is NOT an example of hyper-local marketing?

A. Coca-cola places a vending machine in a cafeteria and sends you a text when you walk by saying "grab a coke

Which of the following are social marketing strategies

E. all of the above

Which of the following businesses should use hyper local marketing?

C. Primrose School

Brand building by using the social web to increase the strength and reach of the brand" (matching definition)

A. Corporate

social media objectives are most often formed to drive immediate action by the audience" (matching definition)


At the global level, social media objectives are most often formed to drive instantaneous action by the audience. (T/F)


Which of the following is not a local objective?

D. Educate and Deliver

Where does the "rubber meet the road" for Social marketing strategies?

C. Franchise/ Local Integration

If there is already a corporate Twitter account, there should not be a single account per franchise or store location. (T/F)


If the decision is made to execute a hyper local strategy, there must be a deliberate and conscious effort towards audience and development. (T/F)


Hyper-local is suggested for every brand. (T/F)


which of the following content rules apply to hyper-local marketing?

D. All of the above

What is the key to franchise success?

C. Overall consistency

Which of the following did we not discuss when it comes to the company's social approach?

C. Taco Bell

what does the local/social approach depend on?

E. All of the above

All audience development principles apply to hyper-local just like with national brands. (T/F)


The difference between social media objectives at the corporate and local level is

c. Local is focused on driving immediate action by the audience.

A social campaign is defines as

A. socially driven campaign that are supported by other marketing disciplines

Victorias Secret runs hyperlocal campaigns (T/F)


Which is the best day to launch?

B. Tuesday

Which of the following is a challenge in achieving global adoption?

E. All of the above

Each local franchise of a global company can and should run their own personalized social channels without planning or coordination form corporate (T/F)

B. False

Which social platform has the most global users?

B. Facebook

The local level can be categorized by

D. All of the above

Controlling social channels from a corporate level is bad and does not allow the consumer to share valuable UCG

B. False

Facebook is the leading social platform in every country EXCEPT

C. China

Social is something you do, not something you are. (T/F)


how many active social media users are there in the world?

A. 2.03 billion

what region spends a considerable less amount of time on social networking?

A. Europeans

Brazilians are third in the world in most time spent on social media networks. (T/F)


What region's online population is growing faster than an other region?

A. Latin America

What is the most popular social platform in Germany?

B. Youtube

China's government blocks which sites?

E. A&B

Because China's government blocks some social media platforms it makes its social landscape very unique (T/F)


transparency is just a word. You can preach it even if you dont practice it. (T/F)


In order to engage with the global audience, its best to apply American values to your marketing strategies (T/F)


What percentage of the global population is on social media?

B. 28%

Which of the following is the correct order to plan and deliver global social media?

A. Map the strategy, Staff up, Plan to operate, Consistently brand, Measure

Qzone is a popular social networking platform in China that allows people to...

E.All of the above

QZone is like Facebook (T/F)


What is the world's second most popular social platform?


Renren is China's Facebook with how many registers users and active users?

C. 147M registered; 31M active

Sina Weibo is the social network in China very similar to which US platform?

D. Twitter

Which asian country has seen the highest social media growth rate?

C. Vietnam

Which is a mobile marketing trend?

E. All of the above

these goods comprise the bulk of US retail mcommerce sales" (matching definition)

C. Physical Goods

these sales are small and the percentage caries widely by retail category" (matching definition)

A. Ecommerce

These are the "work horses" of the digital category" (matching definition)

D. Ebooks

In digital, this is steadily gaining share strength in downloads and revenue" (matching definition)

B. Games

Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 faces of mobile?

B. Pre-paid phones

Smartphones are responsible for the growth of mobile internet use (T/F)


The bulk of US retail mcommerce sales are generated from

D. All of the above

Which one is not included in the three faces of mobile?

A. Smart watches

Which of the following is a tactic that trigger sales?

E. Both B & C

Which is responsible for the growth of mobile internet use?

B. Smart phones

The three mobile user groups are mutually exclusive (T/F)


What time of the day does the US use their smart phones and tablets most?

A. Waiting

Smartphone users are a leisure-minded group, looking to be entertained. (T/F)


Smartphone companies are constant companions while tablets are "couch and pillow" devices (T/F)