ch. 1

what does the DRE stand for?

the california department of real estate

what is the DRE?

a real estate regulatory body

who is the head of the DRE?

the real estate commissioner

what does the real estate commissioner do?

administers the real estate license laws, handles advertising, funds, clients and customers.

how many parts is the authority of the DRE divided into?

2 parts:
Part 1, Sections 10000 to 10580 - Real Estate Law;
Part 2, Sections 11000 to 11200 - Subdivided Lands Law.
(These laws are NOT the same in their purpose or operation.)

what does the Commission's Regulation 2770 put regulations on?

internet advertising regulations

what does the Commission's Regulation 2770 state?

anyone who advertises about services over the Internet is NOT to be considered a real estate broker in California, if ONE of these apply:
(1) The advertisement involves a service, BUT IS:
NOT directed to any particular customer located within California;

Penny, a California licensee, has been advertising on the Internet. She specializes in the sale of upscale homes in the Hollywood Hills area. Penny has been violating the Business and Professions Code, Sections 10235.5 and 10140.6. What has she done?

Penny failed to indicate in the advertisement her license status.

Gerard, a Nevada real estate licensee, has been advertising his services online to California citizens. He sells resort property outside Las Vegas and believes the California market could be very lucrative. Is it permissible for Gerard to advertise in thi

It is not permissible for Gerard to solicit California residents. He must hold a California real estate license in addition to his Nevada license.

Upon completion of this course, you should understand:
A. The facts regarding disclosure of commissions earned to all parties in a transaction.
B. Real estate taxes and special assessments.
C. Encumbrances, liens, easements and encroachments.
D. All of th


Which of the following will not be covered in this course?
A. How to advertise on the Internet in other states
B. The mortgage market in California
C. Environmental issues and regulations in California
D. Voluntary and involuntary alienation


Which portion of the California Business and Professions Code consists of the Subdivided Lands Law?
A. Part 1, Sections 10000 to 10580 of the Business and Professions Code
B. Part 2, Sections 11000 to 11200 of the Business and Professions Code
C. Californ


Which regulation or section(s) apply to the use of the Internet for advertising in California?
A. Commission's Regulation 2770
B. Commission's Regulation 007
C. Business and Professions Code, Sections 10235.5 and 10140.6
D. Both A and B


Is it permissible to advertise real estate associated services or products in California without a California real estate license?
A. No. All real estate related services or products must only be advertised by a licensed California real estate salesperson

California Commission's Regulation 2770 allows individuals who advertise services over the Internet to do so in California without a California license if the advertisement does not involve a service for which a real estate license is required, or if th

As an examinee, or a new licensee, where is the best, most accurate source for current California Department of Real Estate information?
A. Your Educator
B. Your Broker
C. The DRE website
D. All of the Above


An examinee or licensee may perform what transactions on the DRE website?
A. Check test results.
B. Renew salesperson and broker license.
C. Obtain the current testing schedule.
D. All of the above.


California licensing laws define which of the following:
A. Real Estate Brokerage
B. Handling Trust Funds
C. Managing Escrow Accounts
D. All of the Above