Government Final Review Part 1

Political parties are a group of people who:

Work to get candidates elected to political offices

Process by which a society decides how power and resources will be distributed within that society?


A form of government where all political powers are concentrated at the central level:


A government that has a small group of elected representative expressing the popular will?

Representative democracy or Republic

Purposes of government outlined in the Preamble to the Constitution?

1.) defending the nation against foreign enemies 2.) insuring order and domestic tranquillity 3.) promoting the general welfare of the citizens

What is seperation of powers?

power is distributed among three independent branches of government

Supreme authority rests solely with the people in a:


Federalism is:

power is divided between a central government and local government

Sovereign states:

1.) decide their own foreign and domestic policies 2.) determine their own form of government 3.) have supreme power within their own territories

The words, "We the People," the Constitution establishes its authority on the basis of:

popular sovereignty

What contributed to the expansion of suffrage in the United States?

1.) removing restrictive requirements based on religious belief 2.) eliminated requirements based on race 3.) eliminated requirements based on tax payments

Used to keep African Americans from voting:

1.) poll tax 2.) literacy tests 3.) threats and social pressures

The Federalist papers:

written to win support for the Constition in New York

The Articles of Confederation had:

only a legislative branch consisting of a unicameral Congress

Holds the basic constitutional rights of the people.

Bill of Rights

A person has freedom to do as he pleases, in this country, as long as that person:

does not infringe on the rights of others

Examples of how minority groups have been treated in the United States?

1.) unjust treatment 2.) reservations 3.) "war relocation camps

Without freedom of expression,

democracy does not really exist

The largest source of U.S. Governmrnt revenue from taxes comes from

income taxes

To prevent. fraudulent voting, most States require voters to


Lobbyists today are people who:

work within the government process to affect policies

How man Senators does each state have?


How can the legislative branch check the power of the judicial branch?

remove judges through impeachment

The Supreme Court is called the High Court because it is the:

last court in which federal questions can be decided

What requires the police to bring a prisoner before the court and explain why he or she should not be released?

writ of habeas corpus

What is the lease amount of representatives a state can have in the House of Representatives?

one member

Two major sources of revenue for states are:

sales and income taxes

The power of the National Government and stares to tax it's citizens is:

a concurrent power

Examples of the checks and balances system:

1.) the Supreme Court declares a law unconstitutional 2.) The President vetos a bill 3.) The Senate approves the Presidents nominee for Supreme Court justice

A formal duties assigned to the Vice President:

1.) presided over the Senate 2.) help determine if the President is capable of performing his duties

The court that first hear a case is said to have

original jurisdiction

The basic constitutional rights of the people were FIRST set out in the

Bill of Rights

An expressed power of the National Government:

the power to coin money

Concurrent powers are powers that:

both the National and the State governments have

Attitudes held by a significant number of people concerning governmental and political questions are known as:

public opinion

The ____ is a petition procedure by which voters may remove an elected official from office before the completion of his or her regular term.


Qualifications for senators?

1.) citizen for at least nine years 2.) thirty years old 3.) live in the state he or she represents

A federal court has jurisdiction over a case if

1.) a citizen of one State is suing a citizen from another State 2.) a State is suing a resident of another State 3.) a State is suing another State

The court that first hears a case has:

original jurisdiction

Which amendment in the Bill of Rights states that all powers that are not delegated to the Federal Government are "reserved to the states"?

10th amendment

Three statesments about PACs. (Political Action Committees)

1.) they distribute money to candidates who are sympathetic to their policy goals 2.) they can give no more than $5,000 to any one federal candidate in any election 3.) they can give no more than $15,000 a year to a political party

The Supreme Court's decision is Marbury v. Madison:

established Judicial Review

the members of the President's Cabinet are appointed by ____ and approved by ____.

the President, the Senate

The Federalists favored:

a strong national government

In reguard to the issue of equality, the Constitution states that

no person can be denied equal protection of the laws

The Federal Government is considered a bureaucracy primarily because it is a:

complex system of organization based on certain principles

Qualifications for President:

1.) thirty five years of age 2.) lived in the U.S. for at least fourteen years 3.) "natural born" citizen of the U.S.

Qualifications for House members:

1.) must be at least 25 years old 2.) must have been a citizen for at least seven years 3.) must live in the state from which chosen

The impact of the mass media in the public agenda can be best described as its ability to:

focus the public's attention on specific issues

In McCulloch v. Maryland, the Supreme Court:

upheld the doctrine of implied powers

The President may decide to resume duties after an illness by informing Congress that no inability exists, but that decision can be challenged by

the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet

States must honor the legality of one another's civil laws because of the

Full Faith and Credit Clause