Science ATI TEAS

What artery directly supplies oxygenated blood to the reproductive system ?

Gonadal artery

The use of microscope would most benefit the study of

The structure of cellular organelles

Which of the following chemical compounds prevents the lungs from collapsing ?


Which of the following are sesamoid bones ?


Which of the following structures in a human cell is responsible for recycling the materials no longer functional or needed in the cell ?


Kidneys remove which of the following from the blood ?


A person is suddenly frightened, which reaction occurred next ?

Liver cells release glucose into the blood stream

Which of the following cell types provides a waterproofing function for the outer layer of skin ?


Which connects two bones together ?


The shape of villi and microvilli facilitate which of the following ?

Increasing surface area for absorption

Which of the following cell is responsible for the production of soluble antibodies ?

B cell

Type 1 diabetes is a disease associated with which of the following hormone ?


Demyelinization results in which of the following?

Disruption of propagation of an action potential along the axon of a nerve cell.

What is classified as a flat bone ?


Which of the following represents the chromosomal composition of a normal human zygote ?

46 chromosomes

Which of the following is the correct structure and function of the cell membrane ?

A phospholipid bilayer with embedded proteins regulates molecules entering and leaving the cytoplasm

The cytoplasmic organelle containing fluid filled tubules for carrying And transporting substance is known as

Endoplasmic reticulum

Which of the following correctly describes why the rough endoplasmic reticulum can synthesize proteins while the smooth er can't ?

Rough er is studded with ribosome's while the smooth er is not

The ultimate end product of glucose breakdown in glycolysis is ?

puruvic acid