The Little Mermaid



Prince Eric: Steady as she goes! Windward, ho!

A ship!


Why, it's beautiful!

Flounder: Hey Ariel! There you are!


Flounder: Woah. Freaky.

What's the matter? Haven't you been to the surface before?

Flounder: Yeah. Sure. Me and the other fish in my school, we come up here all the time.

Is that so?

FLOUNDER: Sure! We're not scared of sharks. Or boats. Or fishermen. What's a "chum bucket"? Are those for real?

You are afraid, aren't you?

Flounder: No, I'm not! I'm here now, aren't I? With you.

Hey guess what I found today! It was floating in the wake of a giant ship!

Flounder: Treasure?

I'll say! Look!...Have you ever seen anything so amazing in your entire life?

Flounder: Cool! What is it?

I don't know...

Scuttle: Airspeed, check!
Altitude, check!
Landing gear, check!
Hello, Ariel!

...but I know just who to ask! Scuttle, look what we found!

Scuttle: Oh, this is rare, ridonkulously rare. And in Sistine condition!

What? What is it?

Scuttle: It's a dinglehopper!

A dinglehopper?

Scuttle: Commonly used in saloons, yes, of the beauty variety. Humans they like to wear their hair in tails, pony or pig or duck, it's all the same to them. A primp here and a twirl there and- voila! A Pompadour-able. And all thanks to-

The dinglehopper!

Scuttle: Give ya two sand dollars for it.

Scuttle, no-

Scuttle: I'm tellin' ya kid, on the open sea, ya won't get more than a few clams. But I'm prepared to offer-

I'm not selling it Scuttle! I'm saving it for my collection!

Scuttle: How about a swap? I got soemthing stupelicious! Museum quality really. A banded, bulbous....snarftblatt


Scuttle: Sure thing, kid. I ain't just blowin' smoke. Why, it makes music so fantabulous- so absolutely marvica-

Music? Oh no! The concert! Oh my gosh, my father's going to kill me!

Flounder: The concert was today?

I completely forgot! Come on, Flounder. Thank you, Scuttle.

Aquata: Well, look what the catfish dragged in!

Daddy, forgive me, I'm so sorry-

King Triton- Ariel, young lady-

I just forgot, that's all

King Triton: DO YOU MIND? Ariel please. You've been given such a gift...

I know my mother's voice.

King: Triton: It's a wondrous talent, one that demands stewardship and care. So please. Ariel.... For the sake of her memory-

I will Daddy, I promise.

King Triton: Seagull? Seagull! You went up to the surface again?

Nothing happened...

King Triton: You could've been seen by on of those barbarians! One of those humans!

Daddy, they are no barbarians!

They're dangerous -- traps and harpoons!
Like it or not, Ariel, you're my youngest. My baby! And so I worry about you the most--

But I'm old enough to look after myself-

King Triton: As long as you live under my reef, you'll obey my rules!

If you'd just listen to me for once-

King Triton: That's the last time you're ever swimming to the surface! Understood?

You're so unfair!

SCENE 4: Flounder: Ariel!

He doesn't understand me! He doesn't even try. I've never felt at home here.

Flounder: Home's with your family isn't it?

What if home isn't the place where you are born? What if it's a place you have to discover for yourself-

Flounder: I'd miss you if you were gone.

You would?

Flounder: who could I swim with? Everyone else is such a guppy

Thanks Flounder

Uh I got to go

you're very sweet. Daddy's never even met a human, but he still thinks the worse of them. I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be so bad. (sing!)

Sebastian: Tell me, child. You got trouble in da mind?


What is all this?

Er...ah...just a few knick knacks I've collected, that's all.

Sebastian: You ought to be ashamed of yourself! If your poor father knew about dis place, he'd-

You're not going to tell him, are you? Oh, please, Sebastian! He'd never understand.

Sebastian: Listen to me Ariel...From now on you'll have voice lessons everyday, and perhaps you can take up an instrument...somethin' ladylike...the harp...maybe...

A ship!

Scuttle: Well, whaddaya know-

Scuttle, be quiet! They'll hear you!

Grimsby: Perhaps you're not looking hard enough.

I've never seen a human this close before.

Scuttle: Me neither!

I thought you were an expert.

Scuttle: On their stuff sure! But egads-the sight of 'em! Horrible! That square jaw. Those broad shoulders. And two eyeballs the same variety

I dunno. I think he's really handsome.

Scuttle: Whoa! The atmospherical's goin' haywire!

Careful, Scuttle! Watch out!


Was I too late?

Scuttle: It's hard to say. Oh, I- I can't make out a heartbeat.

No, look! He's breathing! Oh, Scuttle...just look at him. He's so beautiful. (sings)

Grimsby: Prince Eric!


Grimsby: Yes. Oh course she was. As real as a siren! As real as a mermaid on the rocks...

sing (I don't know when I don't know how..)

Sebastian: Child! 'Dere you are! A human? You fell in love with a human-?

I didn't choose it! It just happened...

Sebastian: Oh, child-

I thought maybe...just maybe you'd be happy for me?

Sebastian: Happy for you? Happy? 'Cuz ya gone plumb crazy now? Child, you got to get your head outta the clouds and back in da water where it belongs.

But I don't belong here. I never did. I don't fit in, as hard as I try- If only I could be "up there" instead! Walking on the very same ground he is breathing the very same air

Sebastian: Down HERE is your home! The human world- it's a mess. Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there-

You're wrong, I swear-


To think this belonged to him once; he held this in his own two hands.

King Triton: ARIEL-! Ariel! Tell the truth! Did you save a human from drowning?

Who told-? Which one of you-?

King Triton: THAT'S did you?

I had to rescue the Prince-

King Triton: You had to?

Without me, he would've perished!

He's a human -- you're a mermaid.

I can't hate him just because he's different. Perhaps you can, but it's just not in me-

King Triton: "Different"? They catch us with their hooks, they spear us with their blades-

They're not all like that!

King Triton: Have you forgotten what they did to your mother?

We don't know that for certain-

King Triton: Can there be any doubt? She slips out one morning for an innocent swim and never returns-!

You can't prove-

King Triton: I know it in my heart, and that's enough. Murderers, all of them!

You can't blame all humans for a few wicked ones-

King Triton: I won't have you build a shrine to them! Worshipping their rubbish! The debris that sullies our waters-

Daddy, no-

King Triton: The totems of their decadence!

Don't! Please!

Sebastian: Ariel

He ruined all my things, my human stuff! If he really and truly loved me, then he'd never-

Sebastian: Oh, child, it's BECAUSE he loves you-

Well, he sure has a funny way of showing it! He can break every single treasure I own... but he can't break me!

Sebastian: Yeah, well you just might break his heart-

And you! Some friend you turned out to be! Bringing him here- to my secret place-

Sebastian: For your own good....dangerous waters

sing (if only he would)

Jetsam- ...we could do.

Who are you two? (song! some lines in it)

Flotsam: Oh, Mistress of the Deep! You've a visitor...

I'm not so sure

Ursula: Don't be shy, Ariel darling! It's me- your Auntie Ursula!

I shouldn't be here

Ursula: Nonsense! We're family.

Father says you're wicked and hateful

Ursula: Mmm, yes! But he says the same thing of humans, doesn't he, snookums? And we both know that's not true, don't we?

Why did he banish you?

Ursula: The ocean wasn't big enough for the both of us. And now he's driven you away too...

He doesn't understand me.

Ursula: Oh, but I do, dumpling. We're so very alike, you and I- gals with ambition! Nothing scares a man more, does it?
Now tell dear old Auntie everything.

I'm in love with someone. A human.

Ursula: Mmm...yes-this Prince fellow. He's quite a catch. The answer is simple! You've got to become human yourself!

Can you help me?

Ursula: Here's my best offer, babykins. I know a spell that will turn you into a human.......if you do you'll stay human forever.

And if I don't?

Ursula: Nothing drastic darling, I'm sure...Don't you just love 'em? Of course, there is one more fee

But I don't have anything!

Ursula: I'm not asking for much. Only... your voice.

Ariel: My voice?

Ursula: Don't worry. I have the perfect place for it. Your grandpappy Poseidon gave his magic trident to your father... but THIS was his gift pour moi.

Your magic shell!

Ursula: You've heard about it?

Father says it's the source of all your witchcraft!

Ursula: Nonsense, darling!

He says you'd die without it-

Ursula: Die? Oh, please! It's a bauble! A vessel for your voice! Trust me, darling- your vibrato, your legato, even your belt- they'll all be safe'n'sound in here.

If I give away my voice, how can I ever-

Ursula: So how's about it, cupcake?

If I become human, I'll never see my family again. My sisters... even my father-

Ursula: Now do you want princey-poo or not? Five, four, three, two-

Yes! Yes, I'll do it! Where do I sign?



Ursula: Well... look who has my black magic now.

My voice... The spell is broken!

Ursula: Give me back my shell.

If it breaks, you die-

Ursula: You told her the world above was hideous, and what was it instead?

Beautiful. Beautiful beyond compare...

Ursula: He'd say anything to turn you against the Prince and his kind. Why, he's shameless! He'd even say that they murdered your mother-

Wait a minute! If humans didn't kill her, then who did?

Ursula: Who? Moi? Why, I couldn't hurt a minnow-!


King Triton: Ariel!

Daddy! Can you ever forgive me? I've caused you such terrible worry, thinking only myself, not you, not my sisters, not this place- the only place I've ever truly called my home

I'm the one who's at fault, Ariel. Cursing humans, when all along--

There's goodness in people, Daddy. I know. I've seen it.

King Triton- You belong to his world now.

Thank you, Daddy. Thanks you so much.

Prince Eric: Ariel!

Oh, Eric.

Prince Eric: Could it be? It's been your voice all along, hasn't it! Who are you?

This is my father.

My permission? Ariel can speak for herself.

Yes, Eric. Oh, yes.