Bio Basics


(la observaci�n) The act of using your five senses to collect information or data


(lost datos) Information collected about something to describe or understand it; qualitative or quantitative.

Qualitative Data

(los datos cualitativo) Information collected about something that is descriptive in nature. I.e yellow feathers, green eyes.

Quanitative Data

(los datos cuantitatiws) Information collected about something that is numerical in nature. I.e 75cm long, 1200 bacterial cells.


(la inferencia/la deducci�n)A conclusion drawn based on observations.


(la hip�tesis) A potential answer to a problem or question. Written in a statement. uses "If-Then".

Scientific Method

(el metodo cientifico)A logical process used by scientists to answer a question about a problem.


(la teoria)An explanation for a phenomena that attempts to explain why something happens the way it does. NOT a guess. A very solid principle based on lots of data and experimentation.


(la variable) Something that changes in an experiment.

Dependent Variable

(la variable dependiente) The thing that changes in an experiment that you "don't" know about the experiment. usually displayed on the y-axis of a graph.

Independant Variable

(la variable independiente) The thing that changes in an experiment in a way that "I" set up. Usually displayed on the x-axis of a graph.


(la constante) Some condition of an experiment that stays the same. I.e the room temp. will always be 72�F


(el control/los controles) The set-up within the experiment that undergoes all standard conditions of the experiment but is NOT affected by the variable.