8 Characteristics of Life

8 Characteristics of Life

Reproduction, Cells, Genetic Material, Evolution/Adaptation, Metabolism, Homeostasis, Response to Stimuli, Growth/Development


Organisms make new organisms
Sexual vs. Asexual (produces clones of parent)

Genetic Material

Features carried by complex molecule (DNA) passed through reproduction


Collection of living matter enclosed in a barrier. Smallest units of life.

Grow and Develop

Grow means increase in size. Develop means organism changes over the course of its life (cells differentiate)


Require materials (matter) and energy to function

Response to Stimuli

React to changes in environment (temperature, humidity, light, gravity ect.)


Maintaining an internal balance (body temp., water levels, Ph levels ect.)


Change of a closely related group of organisms over time (individuals do not evolve they develop).