Biology Exam Chapter 1-3 Flashcards

Which of the following sequences represents the hierarchy of
biological organization from the least the most complex level?

Molecule, organelle, cell, organism, population, ecosystem, and biosphere

A localized group of living organisms of all different species living
in an area is called?


The lowest level of biological organization that can perform all the
activities required for life is the?

Cell, for example a skin cell

Which of the following statements concerning prokaryotic and
eukaryotic cell is correct?

A prokaryotic cells lack a membrane bound nucleus

Prokaryotes are classified as belonging to two different domains.
What are the domains?

Archaea and Bacteria

A water sample from a hot thermal vent contained a single-celled
organisms that had a cell wall but lacked nucleus. What is its most
likely classification?


A scientist notes that a grass grown in a field is taller than the
same type of grass grown is a creek bed. The scientist suspects that
this difference is due to water availability. This proposed
explanation is a?


All of the following statements are part of Charles Darwin's concept
of natural selection EXPECT?

Organisms do not change or adapt

If a biologists tests the growth of tomato plants using various
fertilizers, there should be a plant that does not receive any
fertilizer to serve as the?

Control Group

In order to maintain constant body temp, human sweat to help release
heat in hot conditions, this is called evaporative cooling. This is an
example of?


The number of protons in an atom (determines its location on the
periodic table) is the?

Atomic Number

Argon has an atomic number of 18 and an atomic mass of 40. How many
neutrons does it have?


Ionic bonds differ from covalent bonds in that Ionic bonds?

Involve one element giving up electrons to another

If solution A has pH of 2 and solution B has a pH of 11, which of the
following statements is true?

A is acidic and B is basic

Particles having a new POSITIVE charge are called


A polysaccharide that forms the structural component of a plant cell
wall is?


In a single water molecule, each Hydrogen is bonded to Oxygen by a

Polar Covalent Bond

Enzymes are?


Water has many unique properties that allow for life on earth, which
of the following is NOT one of those properties?

Water has a high specific heat, meaning it helps maintain constant temperatures

A peptide bond holds together 2 ____ molecules

Amino acid

Which of the following is NOT made up of repeating monomers linked together?


Unsaturated fatty acids are?

Double Bonds between the Carbon

Saturated fatty acids are?

Single bonds between Carbons

Which of the following best summarizes the relationship between
dehydration reactions and hydrolysis?

Dehydration reactions assemble polymers and hydrolysis reactions
break down polymers

Which of the following is a diverse group of hydrophobic molecules?


Which of the following store and transmit hereditary information?

Nucleic acids

Which of the following contains nitrogen in addition to carbon oxygen
and hydrogen?

An amino acid such as glycine

All of the chemical reactions that occur within lives systems, the
building and breaking down of molecules within our bodies is our?


In a solution, the substance being dissolved is the _____ and it is
dissolved in a ____ (such as water)?

Solute, solvent

All of the following statements concerning saturated fasts are true expect?

They have multiple double bonds in the carbon chains of their fatty acids

The structure found in all living cells but also accounts for al the
diversity of life on earth is


All of the same type of organisms living together in the same place
at the same time is called a?


The a helix and the B pleated sheet are both common
polypeptide forms found in which level of protein structure?


The polypeptide that forms a linear is found in which of the
following level of protein structure?


The polypeptide that forms a 3-D protein is found in which of the
following level of protein structure?


The functions of each protein is consequence of its specific shape.
What is the term used for a change in a protein's three dimensional
shape or conformation that cause it to unravel and no longer function?


Amino acids are acidic because they always posses which functional group?






Amino acids


Plants store sugars in the form of ____ and animals store sugars in
the form of ___?

Starch and Glycogen

What type of organism is a mushroom?


What gives rise to the cohesiveness of water molecules (allows water
to bond to one another creating surface tension)?

Hydrogen bonds

The living organisms in an area, along with nonliving factors such as
water and temp that influence them is called a?


List and give examples of one property or characteristics shared by
all life on earth?

Cells, homeostasis (sweat) they adapt

The main component of cell membranes is a double layer of?


There are 20 different amino acids, what makes one amino acid
different from another?