Chapter 7.2: Human Blood Types Flashcards

Antigen -v- Antibodies

A substance that indicates the formation of antibodies, because
it is recognized by the immune system as a threat

2. Antibodies

2. Proteins produced by the body, to
fight invasion of foreign molecules

a) ABO:

b) Rh Factor

A) Either present or not
B) Another genotype
Rh+ = Dominant: RR, Rr Rh- =
Recessive: rr
Example: A+
Possible genotypes- AARR, AARr, AORR, AORr

II) Blood Transfusions

Type A = only from type A or type O

Type AB = can receive from all four groups, but only
donate to AB (universal recipient)

Type O = can only receive from O, but can donate to
the other 3 groups (universal donor)

III) Hemolytic disease of the newborn

* Rh factor incompatibility
When a Rh+
man father's a child by an Rh- women, the fetus might
inherit the Rh+ antigen At birth,
a small amount of fetal blood enters the mother's circulation
Over the next several months the women develops antibodies against the
Rh+ antigen When female becomes pregnant with
another Rh+ fetus, her antibodies cross the
placenta and attack the fetus's RBC.

IV) Blood Disorders:
1) Anemia

reduction in oxygen - carrying capacity

2) Leukemia

a form of cancer

3) Septicemia

blood poisoning

4) Thrombocytopenia

reduction in platelet number

5) Hemophilia

Deficiency of one or more clotting factors.