Microbiology Definitions Flashcards


makes microorganisms; non-pathogenic DOES NOT KILL IT


kills pathogenic microorganisms

PCR (polymerase chain reaction)

polymerase chain reaction process to amplify a single or few copies
of a piece of DNA across several orders of magnitude


change in the nucleotide base sequence of a genome - in the DNA sequence


process of making a genetically identical copy


small piece of circular DNA found in bacteria

Nosocomial Infections

hospital-acquired infections

Zoonotic Infections

a disease that can be passed between animals and humans

Antigen (Ag)

any foreign substance which stimulates an immune response

Antibody (Ab)

glycoproteins secreted by plasma cells that bind to an antigen (Ag)

Major Histocompatibility Complex

a group of genes that code for two groups of proteins

Antibody Function


Primary Immune Response

the first antibody response which occurs in a patient following
either vaccination or a natural infection

Secondary Immune Response

the "memory" response which occurs following either a
second vaccination or a second natural infection