DevBio(Lecture01) Flashcards

Three set of genes that set up anterior and posterior of body

1) Anterior part of embryo
2) Posterior part of embryo
3) Terminal region on each end of embryo

(True/False) A bunch of nuclei share same cytoplasm and there is a
gradient by mom's gene.


What regulate anterior part of embryo

bicoid gene

What is bicoid?


How is bicoid made?

Mom and made by nurse cell

How do nurse cell make bicoid?

These nurse cell move into the oocyte and within oocyte, they are
located into anterior part.

What does bicoid muation indicate?

no functional bicoid protein - embryo without head

what makes Tail tip and Abdomen?


What does rescue experiment show?

importance of bicoid

what does bicoid do?

setting up head structure

what does ectopic head mean?

head is in wrong place