Biology Chapter 10 connect 4


Active MPF further activates its own activating phosphatase. This is an example of a _____ feedback mechanism.

homologous chromosomes

Identify the chromosomes that consist of two slightly different copies of the same chromosome.

sister chromatids

are two identical copies of a single chromosome, formed during DNA replication.

staining properties
length of two arms
location of the centromere

Which of the following features vary among chromosomes?

binary fission

Bacterial cells perform cell division by the simple process of ____ ____.


Which of the following is a characteristic of DNA fiber found within each chromosome?


In multicellular Eukaryotic organisms, the production of new cells follows a highly regulated sequence of growth, DNA replication, and division. This sequence is referred to as the cell ____, which consists of the G, S, G2 and M phases.

1. Motor proteins located at the kinetochore & poles of the cell pulling on microtubules.
2. assembly & disassembly of microtubules

Select the mechanisms that have been proposed to explain the force that moves chromosomes to the equator of the cell.

promoting factor

The Cdk/cyclin complex is also called mitosis- ___ ___.


The haploid number of chromosomes for humans is which of the following?