Marketing Research Process and Methods

________________________ is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.


The Marketing Process
1. ____________________ -> 2. _____________________ -> ______________________ -> evaluate

1. Situation Analysis
2. Strategy Development
3. Program Development

Situation Analysis involves
____________________-> ______________________

business objective
marketing objective

Strategy Development involves
1. ________________
2. _______________
3. _______________

1. Segment
2. Target
3. Position

Program Development involves
1. _____________
2. ____________
3. ____________
4. ____________

1. Product
2. Price
3. Place
4. Promotion

Marketing Environment elements

1. Company
2. Customers
3. Competition
4. Collaborators
5. Climate

What was an issue Costco China encountered?

They sell things in bulk but many Chinese People (mostly older) grocery shop in small amounts but do so everyday.

Promotion issue for Costco China asked whether it should change its image because it was entering into a new market.

blank for now

____________________ is the function that links the ____________________ to the ____________________ through __________________-___________________used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing a

Marketing research
consumer, customer, and public

______________________ specifies the _____________________ required to address these issues, designs the method for collecting information, manages and implements the data collection process, analyzes the results, and communicates the findings and their i

Marketing research

Marketing Research Process Eight Steps (first four)
1. ______________________
2. creation of the ______________________
3. choice of ______________________
4. selection of the ______________________

1. Identification of the problem and statement of research objectives.
2. research design
3. method of research
4. selection of the sampling procedure

Marketing Research Process Eight Steps (second four)
5. ______________________
6. ______________________
7. ______________________
8. ______________________

5. collection of data
6. analysis of data
7 writing and presentation of report
8. follow up

Why do Marketers Do Marketing Research
-Desired change to help the organization grow
For ex: Apple wanting to create the next big thing

Planned Change

Why do Marketers Do Marketing Research
-Change in environment
For ex: Apple wondering why its new iphone sales are below its sales projections

Unplanned Change

Why do Marketers Do Marketing Research
-Luck or chance


_______________________ asks:
How change can be brought about?

Planned Change

____________________ asks:
What is happening and why?

Unplanned Change

________________________ asks:
How to take advantage of the opportunities?

Serendipity Problem

The emphasis of ______________________ is to shift decision-makers from _______________________ decisions to decisions based on ____________________derived from systematic and objective investigations because information reduces ___________________.

marketing research
risky intuitive

How to Do Marketing Research
______________________, ______________________, and ____________________ of data relevant to marketing decision making and ___________________ the results to management

Planning, collection, and analysis

Benefits of Marketing Research

-Decreased Uncertainty
-Increased chance of correct decision
-improved marketing performance (higher profits)

Costs of Marketing Research

-Research expenditures
-Delay or marketing decision
-possible disclosure of information to rivals
-possible erroneous research results

A research should be done only if the ____________________ of the information is greater than the _____________________ of conducting the research.


Marketing Research Costs build up from

-Focus Groups
-Individual in-depth interviews
-Phone Surveys
-Mail Surveys
-Online Survey

____________________ asks what needs to be done?
____________________ asks what information is needed? How to obtain it?

Decision Problem
Research Problem

Management Decision Problem
-_______________ oriented
-Focuses on ________________

what needs to be done

Marketing Research problem
-________________ orineted
-Focuses on ______________

what information is needed
information oriented
underlying causes

Should a specific advertising campaign be introduced to turn around slow sales?
for ex: Michelle Seiler Tucker

Management Decision Problem (MDP)

What is the effectiveness of a specific advertising
for ex: Jonathan Weiss

Marketing Research Problem (MRP)

__________________________ master plan that specifies methods and procedures for collecting data

Research design

Three major research designs
�______________________ If little is known about the problem
�______________________ If the problem is 'somewhat' clear
�______________________ If the problem is very clear

-Exploratory research
-Descriptive research
-Causal research

Exploratory research -> _________________
Descriptive research -> _________________
Causal research -> _____________________

Absolute ambiguity
complete certainty

Exploratory research -> problem is not _________________
Descriptive research -> _________________
Causal research -> problem _____________________

problem not clear
aware of problem
problem clearly defined

Maybe come back to page 9 part one

Maybe come back to page 9 part one

Research Methods and Designs: Qualitative

-Individual In-depth interview
-Focus group

Research Methods and Designs: Qualitative
One-on-one interview that probe and elicit detailed answers to questions, often using non-directive techniques to uncover hidden motivations.
Group of 8 to 12

-Individual In-depth interview
-Focus group

Research Methods and Designs: Quantitative

-Analytics based on Secondary data

Research Methods and Designs: Quantitative
A research approach to obtain respondents' information, opinion and
attitudes based on a pre-designed questionnaire.
A research approach in which conditions ar

-Analytics based on Secondary data

_______________________ is an important metric at the evaluative stage of the purchasing cycle. By comparing the number of ____________________ to the number of customers who subsequently purchase, we can infer consumers' underlying preference for the pro

Test drive
test drives

Take Rate = Number of __________________ divided by number of __________________

accepted offers

_______________________ = Percentage of existing customers who stopped purchasing your product


______________________: the percentage of customers visiting a web who
click on a specific link.

Click-through rate

_______________________: the percentage of customers who purchase after
clicking through to your website

Conversion rate

_______________________: the percentage of customers who leave your web site after spending less than five seconds on your site

Bounce Rate

See some of the stories in this packet (lego, starbucks, etc)


______________________ Stories of positive (or negative) experiences spread by satisfied (or unsatisfied) customers.

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOM)

______________________ Open-ended question in customer satisfaction survey also provide practitioners a chance to understand how consumers feel about the firm.

Customer Satisfaction

_______________________ Measures how many consumers in a market are familiar with the brand and what it stands for

Brand Awareness

Marketing Metrics

-Brand Awareness
-Test Drive
-Take Rate
-Customer Satisfaction
-Word of Mouth

Digital Marketing Metrics

-click-through rate
-conversion rate
-bounce rate