The discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation is known as?

Ethical principles

What are the core values in dental hygiene according to ADHA?

Social trust

What is it called when the patient has the right to be treated with respect and the right to informed consent prior to treatment; provide the foundation for the right of privacy and ability to choose? The principle of "self-determination".


Beneficence is known as?

Promotion of well being

Minimizing of harm to patients and others involved in the treatment is known as?


Justice is referred to?

Fairness and equality

What relates to truthfulness in all aspects?


What is the obligation to keep implied or explicit promises?


What is known has trust to the public?

Social trust

Reparation is known as?

The practitioner is responsible for injury to others and "must make amends

What related to the confidentiality of patient information?


What is considered an explicit/express agreement vs implied or implicit?

Informed consent

Occupational health and safety administration (OSHA) is concerned with?

Employee safety

What has issued specific infection control guidelines for dentistry, which are not enforceable?

Center for disease control and prevention (CDC)

CDC or center for disease control and prevention is?

Public health agency

What is the World Health Organization (WHO) responsible for?

Directing and coordinating authority on international health

State dental/dental hygiene boards/ committees are responsible for?

Consumer safety and implement infection control guidelines

State consumer agencies are responsible for?

Overseeing licensure and practice of dental professionals and responsible for consumer safety

Health insurance probability and accountability act (HIPPA) protects?

The privacy of health information

American with Disabilities Act (ADA) assures that?

No individual shall be discriminated against from acquiring education, employment, social service, or health care because of a disability

What is the ability to deal with embarrassing or emotionally painful tops and be aware of physical comfort/discomfort?


What is the ability to accept patients as they are without judgment?


What is the ability to reply to concerns/comments in the moment?


What is the ability to perceive patients feelings and communicating this understanding?


What are the steps in the learning ladder lowest to highest?


A patient should have informed consent for?

Material risks (cost) in performing the procedure

Should informed consent be obtained for all surgical and invasive procedures as well as fluoride therapy, radiographs and similar services?


What is a system or body of law?


What is a law preventing harm against society?

Criminal law

What is the violation of private or contractual rights between individuals and corporations?

Civil law

What is implied/implicit contract where actions based are not written, and express/explicit contract in which terms are expressed in writing or verbally?

Civil law (contractual)

What types of tort are there?

Unintentional and intentional

Civil law (tort) is?

A civil breach committed against eachother

Unintentional tort is?

The person who caused harm did so inadvertently

What is considered and unintentional tort?


What is the conduct that falls below the standards of behavior (standard of care)?


What is the degree of care a professional would exercise under the same or similar circumstances?

Standard of care

Intent to cause harm on another is known as?

Intentional tort

What is an act that creates an apprehension in another of immenent, harmful, or offensive contact?


Harmful or offensive touching or another is known as?


(T/F) there must be an absence of contact for assault.


Is assault and battery considered intentional tort?


Deliberate and misleading concealment is known as?


Is misrepresentation considered an intentional tort?


A communication that injures an individuals reputation which may be libel (written in defamation) or slander (verbal defamation) is known as?


Is defamation considered an intentional tort?


Is breach of confidentiality considered intentional or unintentional tort?

Intentional tort

When a patients private information is disclosed to a third party without their consent is known as?

Breach of confidentiality

Does direct supervision required the physical presence of the dentist onsite while providing hygiene treatment?

Direct supervision

What is it called when treatment can take place without a dentist physically present?

In-direct supervision

What is in-direct vision typically known as?

General supervision

Professional services, such as performed by a dentist or hygienist, done without reasonable care or skill or in violation ethics is known as?


Changing a treatment plan without forming the patient violates what?


Above do no harm" represents what eithixal principle/core value?


(T/F) confidentiality is both and eithical principle/core value as well as an aspect of civil unintentional tort.

The first part is true, the second is false

Fairness and equality represent what ethical principle/core value?


(T/F) informed consent is considered an implied contract because it is a written agreement.

The first part is false, the second part is true

State regulations that include infection control requirements are designed to protect who?

The patient

Not meeting the standard of care would violate which ethical principle/core value?

Societal trust

Regulatory entities who impact the practice of dental hygiene does not include?

Professional associations

Active listening involves?


What is not involved in enforcing infection control in dentistry?

Center for disease control and prevention

(T/F) posting a negative comment on social media regarding a outworn is considered slander as well as a violation of autonomy.

The first part is false, the second part is true

Breach of contract violates which eithical principle/core value?


OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) does not require?

Providing protective equipment to patients

What has the code of ethics been established by?

Americans dental hygienists association

A patient presenting with HIV is refused treatment by a dental practice. What is this a violation of?


A practice that accepts the insurance portion of a co-pay plan as 'payment in full' without notifying the insurance company is a violation of what?


Confidentiality relates to the confidentiality of the patients information and relationship and demonstrates the professions value of?


A patient makes an appointment for their 6 month recall and an examination is performed as well as prophylaxis. This represents what type of contract?

Implied and implicit

What is considered 'law' and enforceable for violations of?