Unit 1 pharmacology review

The half-life is the major determinant of

the duration of action of a drug after after a single dose

Hypersensitivity is often used synonymously with


which agency oversees controlled substances and prosecutes individuals who illegally distribute them?


Which federal law offers a seven-ayr monopoly on drug sales and tax breaks to induce drug companies to undertake development and manufacturing of such drugs

Orphan Drug Act of 1983

What is an example of a semisolid drug


the angle of insertion for intradermal injections is?


What is the route of administration o a drug that is placed b/w the gums and the cheek?


What is the abbreviation for subcutaneous

subcutaneous should not be abbreviated to avoid medication errors

The proprietary drug name is also called the

trade name

The study of drugs derived from herbal and other natural sources is called


the enteral route is the route of drug administration through what?

gastrointestinal tract

Administration of corticosteroids may be more effective if administered during what time of the day?

early morning

What is mixed with a liquid but not dissolved


bioavailability of a drug means?

The degree to which a drug releases itself from its dosage form to become accessible for its intended effect

Orphan drugs are used to treat a disease such as


Coal tar is used to treat


Semisolid drugs are most commonly used for

topical application

Heparin is commonly given by which route?


which part of a prescription is also known as the subscription

dispensing directions to the pharmacist

short needles are used for what

IVs and intradermal

give an example of a sublingual tablet


Aqueous solutions containing high concentrations of sugar are called what?


All drug administration laws are initiated, implemented and enforced by which law?


Examples of transdermal patch

Testosterone is not

What part of a word gives the word its central meaning


Pancreatin and pepsin come from what source

humans and other animals

What medication may stain and irritate the skin, and for which you should use the "z-track technique" of injectin


What abbreviation means "immediately?


What promotes muscle growth?

anabolic steroids

What department does the DEA branch belong to?

U.S. department of Health
* it is the nation's sole legal drug-enforcement agency

Pharmacy practice regulation is primarily a function of

the state

What law was passed to prevent the marketing of new drugs before they had been properly tested for purity, strength, effectiveness, safety and packaging quality?

Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

The abbreviation mist means


What syringe is calibrated in units?

insulin syringes

A list of officially recognized drug names is known as the

national formulary

A wheal occurs on the skin from what kind of injection?


What abbreviation means "nothing by mouth?


what is the schedule drug is diphenoloxylate hydrochloride with atropine sulfate

schedule V

What is the schedule drug that has certain drugs compounded with small quantities of narcotics

schedule III

Marijuana is a schedule


Diazepam (valium) is a schedule


Morphine is a schedule



after meals


as directed

a 13 year old girl is picked up at the medical office by her father. Her parents are divorced, and her mother has legal custody. Her father would like to see the girl's medical records. Can he see the medical records by law? Explain

No. The father would not be allowed by law (the privacy act) to have access to the medical records bc the child is a minor and the father doesn't have custody.

A physician prescribed marijuana for a 35 year old man who is suffering from advanced AIDS. Before the pharmacy technician dispenses the prescription, a health-care person wants to know in which schedule of drugs the marijuana is. On the internet, the tec

The pharmacy technician should look for the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970.