Chapter 10 Quiz

Victims' assistance was spearheaded by the 1984 _____, which provided about $50 million each year for the victim assistance programs.

Victim of Criminal Act

Due process is violated when a defendant cannot understand what is happening to him in a trial. True/False


Which amendment provides that no person "shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself?


The supreme Court created a two-pronged test for determining effective assistance of counsel. the _________ prong and _______ prong.

Performance, prejudice

The Miranda warnings apply only during police-citizen encounters that amount to custodial interrogation. True/False


Males are arrested at rates much higher than females for the following crimes EXCEPT:

Child abuse

In Texas, crime victims have the right to have their safety taken into consideration as an element in fixing the amount of bail for an accused. True/False


Which term refers to the questioning of a witness conducted by a party other than the party who called the witness?


Which of the following refers to testimony about what a declarant who is not in court has said?


According to the Supreme Court, criminal defendants have a constitutional right to represent themselves at trial. This is known as what type of defense?

Pro se