Manifest Destiny

The belief that the U.S. had a divine mission to expand and spread democracy.

What was Manifest Destiny?


The Country from whom the United States purchased the Louisiana Purchase?

The Alamo

The battle in which Davy Crocket, Jim Bowie, William Travis and almost all the Texan defenders were killed?

The battle of San Jacinto

The decisive battle in the Texan Revolution won by Sam Houston?

The Louisiana Purchase

A land purchased in 1803 by the US from France that doubled the size of the US

Cause of the Mexican War

A border dispute between the US and Mexico, Mexico wanting the Nueces River as the border and the US wanting the Rio Grande as the border?

The conditions for Americans to settle in Texas

Must become a Mexican citizen, a Catholic and not own slaves?

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Treaty in which we acquired states like California, Nevada, and Utah?

The affect of American victory in the Mexican War

The US now stretches from sea to shining sea, the idea of Manifest Destiny flourished, and new trade routes and trails were formed?

Reason for Going West

1. Lots of land
2. East Coast was crowded
3. Finding gold
4. Opportunities to get rich
5. Advances in transportation

Oregon (1846)

State gained from treaty with Great Britain to separate U.S. and Canada at 49th Parallel?

Gadsden Purchase

The purchasing of land from Mexico that completed the continental United States in 1853?


term meaning "to add on"?

James K. Polk

11th President during westward expansion and Mexican War?

Mexican War

Caused by the Annexation of Texas, resulted in an American victory and established the Rio Grande border with Mexico?

Land Speculator

a person who buys huge areas of land for a low price and then sells off small sections of it at high prices?

John O'Sullivan

Wrote an editorial that first mentioned the term "Manifest Destiny"?

Oregon Trail

2000 miles from Missouri to Oregon's began by Protestant missionaries. Route to Oregon used by wagon trains in the 1800s?

Stephen Austin

Original leader of American settlers in Texas who obtained a huge land grant from the Mexican government?

Sam Houston

commander of the Texas army at the Battle of San Jacinto where he defeated Santa Anna; later elected president of the Republic of Texas?

Lone Star Republic

nickname for Texas after it won independence from Mexico in 1836?

Winfield Scott

United States general who was a hero of the Mexican-American War (1846-1847) and later, of the Civil War?


French word that means "Get - Together"?


State acquired from Spain in 1819?

54� 40'

The line of latitude that the U.S. believed should be the nation's northern border of Oregon?

Rocky Mountains

Which major land form of Mountains did most trails have to run through?


To make or present a request?


to make a law; to pass?


hostility and ill-treatment; discrimination?


according to a plan; certain to meet (your fate); intended?

Thomas Jefferson

3rd President; Author of Dec. of Ind.; Commissioned Lewis and Clark expedition?


Mexicans who claimed Texas as their home?

Stephen F. Austin

The Father of Texas, led a successful colonization Mexico by bringing 300 families from Missouri?

Santa Anna

Mexican dictator who was in charge when war broke out between the Mexicans and Americans. He lost Texas to rebels, and was the leader of the armed forces during the war?

Battle of San Jacinto

(1836) Final battle of the Texas Revolution; resulted in the defeat of the Mexican army and independence for Texas

Juan Seguin

Tejano leader at the Battle of the Alamo and San Jacinto?

Battle of Veracruz

Important and climatic battle of the Mexican-American War which allowed the U.S. to overtake Mexico City?