Big Picture: Front Mu & Back Shu Points

Front Mu Theory

- alarm points on front of body (yin aspect) for each Zang & Fu organ
- best for tx yang organs as yang dx travels through yin region
- fu organs, heat & excess conditions

Back Shu Theory

- points on back of body (yang aspect) for each Zang & Fu organ, all part of UB meridian
- best for tx yin organs as yin dx travels through yang region
- zang organs, cold & deficiency conditions
- order is yin cha, then yang pair

Mu & Shu Pairings

These points can bring yin & yang back into balance in body. As such, if palpation of mu suggests zhi condition but pulse is weak (xu) �> tonify paired meridian to balance (need to empty xs) and tonify other connected meridians (controlling cycle). Also v

LU Meridian

Mu: LU 1
- all disharmonies of LU
- shoulder & back pain, fullness of chest, cough, asthma
Shu: UB 13
- all dx of LU
- cough, asthma, chest pain, spitting blood, afternoon fever, night sweats
- combinations: ST 40 for cough w/ phlegm, other back shu point

LI Meridian

Mu: ST 25
- all disharmonies of LI,
best for diarrhoea
- pain around umbilicus, abdominal pain & distention, borborygmus, constipation, diarrhoea, dysentery, edema, irregular menses
Shu: UB 25
- LI dx
- diarrhoea, dysentery, constipation, lumbar pain

ST Meridian

Mu: Re 12
- hui of fu: harmonises all fu
- all disharmonies of ST, yang collapse
- abdominal distention, stomachache, nausea, vomiting, acid regurgitation, diarrhoea, dysentery, indigestion, insomnia
- combinations: ST 36, PC 6
Shu: UB 21
- regulates & to

SP Meridian

Mu: LV 13
- hui of zang: harmonises all zang
- all disharmonies of SP, esp harmonising SP & LV
- hypochondriac pain, abdominal distention, borborygmus, vomiting, diarrhoea, indigestion
Shu: UB 20
- regulates & tonifies SP
- epigastric pain, abdominal dist

HT Meridian

Mu: Re 14
- all disharmonies of HT
- pain in cardiac region, mental dx, palpitations, epilepsy, difficulty swallowing, nausea, acid regurgitation, vomiting
Shu: UB 15
- all HT dx, esp psycho-emotional (shen dx)
- cardiac pain, palpitations, loss of memory

SI Meridian

Mu: Re 4
- all disharmonies of SI, fortifying KD, strengthening yuan qi
- lower abdominal pain, hernia, uterine bleeding, irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, postpartum haemorrhage, morbid leukorrhea, frequency of urination, retention of urine, enuresis, noct

UB Meridian

Mu: Re 3
- all disharmonies of UB
- lower abdominal pain, hernia, vaginitis, prolapse of uterus, uterine bleeding, irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, morbid leukorrhea, frequency of urination, retention of urine, enuresis, nocturnal emission, impotence

KD Meridian

Mu: GB 25
- harmonising qi in the body, esp yuan qi in KD & jing qi in SP
- KD colic, back & hypochondriac pain, diarrhoea
Shu: UB 23
- regulates & strengthens KD, used in virtually all KD dx,
one of the best point to tonify KD
- nocturnal emission, impot

PC Meridian

Mu: Re 17
- disharmonies of PC, unbinds chest
- hui of qi: pain & discomfort d/t qi zhi in whole body
- fullness & pain of chest, asthma, difficulty swallowing, hiccups, insufficient lactation, palpitations, mental dx
- combinations: Re 20 for SOB
Shu: UB

SJ Meridian

Mu: Re 5
- all disharmonies of water passage in body
- edema, diarrhoea, postpartum haemorrhage, anuria, enuresis
Shu: UB 22
- low back pain, indigestion, edema, abdominal distention, vomiting, diarrhoea
- good for water metabolism issues in all three jia

GB Meridian

Mu: GB 24
- disharmonies of GB
- hypochondriac pain, vomiting, acid regurgitation, hiccups, jaundice, mastitis
- combinations: GB 19 for indecision
Shu: UB 19
- clears damp-heat,
best for jaundice
- jaundice, bitter taste, hypochondriac & chest pain, pulm

LV Meridian

Mu: LV 14
- disharmonies of LV
- hypochondriac pain, abdominal distention, hiccups, acid regurgitation, mastitis, depression, febrile dx
- combinations: LV 3 for depression
Shu: UB 18
- regulates & tonifies LV, promotes free flow of qi
- jaundice, hypocho

UB 17 Theory

- not a "true" back shu but very important
- diaphragm shu: protective barrier between LV (qi zhi) and HT (shen dx)
- hui of blood: all xue dx
- combinations: UB 20 (SP xue xu), UB 15 (HT xue xu), UB 18 (LV xue xu), SP 10 (wind dx)