EC-6 Fine Arts Exam

one of the most elements in pairing and drawing is line. in visual arts there are several concepts related to line. Which apply?

a. outline
b. contour
c. light
d. blue
e. implied
a, b, & e.

Elements that create unity in the art work?

a. red
b. drips
c. white space
d. flower forms
e. pink
a, b, & d

What order or level of cognitive processing would be identified with a student presenting the objective reasons why they believe each bach or palestrina is superior to the other composer.

a. analysis
b. synthesis
c. evaluation
d. application

what order or level of cognitive processing would be identified with a student singing a vocal line with appropriate articulation and style after it has been explained and demonstrated by the teacher?

a. evaluation
b. comprehension
c. knowledge
d. application

students with asthma-

a. should be excluded from competitive sports
b. should be placed in special classrooms
c. may present special challenges in class activities
d. can participate in all regular school activities with no restrictions

good health characteristics of children include all of the following except-

a. enjoys vigorous play
b. tires easily
c. has clear skin
d. stresses group responsibility

anorexia nervosa is associated with all of the following except?

a. fear of becoming obese
b. restricted eating patterns
c. periods of binging and purging
d. structures, ordered family life

which of the following might be a sign of physical neglect of a child?

a. speech disorders
b. loosened or missing teeth
c. falls asleep often in class
d. does not accept criticism well

tara is having trouble learning to skip. she is five years old and has no learning or physical development problems. mr. eagle, taras physical education teacher has taught tara and here peers how to skip. all but tara are showing the expected progress. mr

a. have tara work with a peer in order to learn to skip
b. add music to help tara learn the rhythm needed for skipping
c. task analyze taras skip and then provide reteaching
d. have a talk with tara to determine why she cannot skip.

the primary purpose of assessment in physical education is-

a. to provide a task to help determine if learning is occurring
b. to provide meaningful feedback to the learner through an on going process
c. for students grading and reporting purposes
d. to assess students skills in order to enable the students to rea

deborah kelley teaches elementary physical education to grades pre-k through second grade. she teaches a movement education program that includes a four year scope with an age appropriate sequence. which of the following areas is ms. kelley most likely to

a. gymnastics and dance skills
b. locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills
c. individual and team activities
d. all of the above

what should mr holcomb do to correct the situation?

should change from basketballs to smaller, more manageable ball, and teach self catching and ball manipulation before addressing the pass and catch partner drill

which of the following is not a reason that an elementary physical education teacher would avoid teaching her students to train for a marathon?

a. children are more susceptible to heat stress injuries than adults
b. the amount of time required for training is more than what the physical education class meets
c. most elementary students get enough exercise through free play at home
d. the American

which of the following activities will provide the best results for the goal set by the teacher?

identify teachers whose experience includes preforming dances
locate film online and clips of native dancers and representative of various contries

which of the following describes mr timmins role in his class's veterans day play?

a. producer
b. director
c. instructor
d. coach

the second most important piece of equipment that is necessary for costume construction is-

a. a glue gun
b. a dress form that can be adjusted to the dimensions of various actors
c. a computer
d. a serger

A teacher asks her students to measure and mark 11 vertical lines 1 inch apart on a piece of 12 inch wide piece of cardboard at the top and bottom to create notches to start the ______ strings for a loom, she also asks students to separate the yarn into w

warp & weft

one of the most important elements in painting and drawing is line. in visual arts there are several concepts related to line. they are-

a. outline
b. contour
c. light
d. blue
e. implied
a, b, e.

drawing is a foundational skill in art and incorporates concepts and techniques to achieve success. from the choices below select all answers that are foundational concepts considered when learning to draw.

a. overlapping shapes
b. contour lines
c. use of color
d. mark making
a, b, d.

purple, green, and orange are-

secondary colors

what three tool would be most appropriate to create block printing?

a. brayer
b. ink
c. paint
d. cutting tools
e. glue
a, b, d.

what would be several techniques used in collage to create actual texture and low relief on the collage surface? select all that apply-

a. braiding
b. crimping
c. folding
d. curling
e. pleating
a, b, c, d, e.

what order of or level of cognitive processing would be identified with a student either by looking at the score or listening to recordings being able to distinguish between vocal music by handel and di lasso?

a. comprehension
b. evaluation
c. knowledge
d. application

what order or level of cognitive processing would be identified with a student recognizing a suspension and describing/identifying the elements that compromise the suspension?

a. comprehension
b. evaluation
c. synthesis
d. analysis

which of the following refers to a popular music genre originally from southern texas, which incorporates a banjo sexto and accordion?

a. dixieland jazz
b. mariachi
c. tejano
d. cumbia

an integrated arts unit would best be facilitated by studying what genre?

a. opera
b. cool jazz
c. passion music
d. program music

what instrument is most closely associated with the music of the western africa?

a. didjeridu
b. djembe
c. steelpan drums
d. darabukka

what compositional devices would most typically be described as providing dynamic contrast to a musical work?

a. the use of articulations
b. the use of fermatas
c. the use of crescendo and decrescendo
d. the use of rubato and ritardando

What term is both a jazz style and a quality of jazz performance that stands in contrast to "straight" rhythm in music?

a. cool
b. bebop
c. swing
d. free

the influence of mariachi music on popular music and folk music of texas is most directly related to the states -

a. early political history
b. major economic activities
c. geographic location
d. extensive land area

healthy children exhibit all but which of these characteristics?

a. sufficient energy to do things
b. interest and enthusiasm in activities
c. confidence in own abilities
d. lack of desire to learn

Good teaching units should contain �

a. data about world health
b. list of voluntary agencies
c. information from medical journals
d. information on sources of resource material

which of the following is not part of the teachers responsibility in an emergency situation?

a. render first aid
b. provide medication to the victim
c. contact the school nurse
d. contact the parents

anorexia nervosa is associated with all except?

a. fear of becoming obese
b. restricted eating patterns
c. periods of binging and purging
d. structured, ordered family life

_____ blank is considered as important a risk factor for heart disease as high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cigarette smoking.

a. lack of physical activity
b. lack of muscular strength
c. lack of skills related to fitness
d. lack of stress relief

the attitudes, feelings, and values regarding health objectives to be achieved in teaching fall within the _______ domain.

a. cognitive
b. affective
c. action
d. behavior

what is the most likely reason johnny is missing the ball?

the bat itself is too long or heavy

Mr. Tan is taking his fifth grade class to see a live performance of The Wind in the Willows. In most theatres, the signal that is given is

a. a bell chiming
b. the lights flashing
c. the curtains opening
d. a musical overture

in order to assess her kindergarteners understanding of story sequence ms rodriguez will have her children act out after she has read a book. which term describes this activity?

a. role play
b. story drama
c. formal drama
d. creative drama

which is the most important principal of lighting design?

a. selective focus because if you cant show the audience what they are supposed to see, they may not look at the right place on stage
b. mood because even more important than seeing all the characters is creating the appropriate atmosphere for the play