Paramedic 8th Edition. Chapter 1: EMS Systems

When was the first use of an ambulance recorded. pg 4


What time frame did Baron Dominique-Jean Larrey establish the first prehospital system for triaging and transporting patients. pg 5


What time frame did the first operated automobile type ambulance come out of Micheal Reese Hospital. pg 6


What year did the Phoenix Fire Department add a similar service to todays EMS pg 6


What time frame was the role of EMS turned over to fire and police. pg 6


When were helicopters first used to bring patients to hospitals. pg 6

Korean War, 1951

What was created to provide authority and financial support for the development of basic and advanced life support programs. pg 7

United States Department of Transportation. (US DOT)

When was the National Highway Safety Act created. pg 7


Who was considered the father of paramedicine. pg 7

Dr. Eugene Nagel

What time frame did the NREMT begin. pg 7


Who developed the first EMT textbook. pg 8

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS)

What year was the Emergency Medical Systems Act started. pg 8


The first paramedic book was based off the work of pg 8

Nancy Caroline

______ means that records of your education, state, or local licensure, and recertification will be held by a recognized board of registration. pg 9


________ is how states control who is allowed to practice as a health care provider. pg 9


________ is used to ensure health care providers have at least the same basic level of knowledge and skill. pg 9


Who is the only accrediting body for paramedic programs to date. pg 10

Committee on
Accreditation of Educational Programs for the EMS Professions

What is known as granting certification to a provider from another state or agency. pg 10


What does present day medicine focus on. pg16


What type of medical control is given in real time or over radio communications. pg 21

Online (direct)

What type of medical control is medical direction through protocols, policies, and standards. pg 21

Offline (indirect)

Before a research project involving any human research subjects can begin, it must be approved by who. pg 25

Institutional Review Board

What type of research takes into account the real world factors that may influence the results of a study. pg 26


What type of research is based on numeric data. pg 26