ATI community chapter 2

community, environmental, advocate, waste, recycling

primary prevention in the __________
- educate groups to reduce __________ hazards
- _________ for safe air and water
- support programs for _______ reduction and _________

secondary, exposures, hazards

__________ prevention in the community
- __________ for health conditions that can be related to environmental and occupational ___________
- assess neighborhoods, schools, work site, and the community for environmental _________

tertiary, consumer, health, asthma

__________ prevention in the community
- become active in _________ and health-related organizations and legislation related to environmental ______ issues
- educate clients who have _______ about environmental triggers

primary, need, flexible, income

the goal of _________ health care systems is to make health care available in close proximity to people who _____ it, and to ensure that it be comprehensive with ________ cost to accommodate the ___________ variations of the individuals who use those serv


it is important to identify ________ that community members encounter when accessing health services

microeconomic theory

examines individual preference and finances, and how those actions affect cost of care and resource distribution

macroeconomic theory

focuses on aggregate behaviors, economic growth, and employment

affordable care act, Medicare

the ____________ __________ _______was created to help make health insurance affordable for all people and decrease the amount of federal spending on health care. it affects the way _________ benefits are implemented and the way private insurance companie

26, denying, 19, lifetime, preventative

important elements of the Affordable Care Act
- extending eligibility for dependents to remain on parent's insurance until age _____
- prohibiting health plans from _________ benefits for preexisting coverage to children under _______
- banning ________ l

World Health Organization (WHO)

establishes world standards for antibiotics and vaccines, they also give updates on pandemics

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

also administers the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), disability insurance, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

works to prevent and control disease, injury, and disability both nationally and internationally

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

works to ensure food safety as well as the safety and effectiveness of medications

Medicare, 65, disability, 2, ALS, kidney, dialysis, transplant

qualifications for __________
- must be older than _____ years and receiving social security
- been receiving _________ benefits for _____ or more years
- have _____ and receive disability benefits
- have ______ failure and be on maintenance ________
- or

socioeconomic, size, income, pregnant, disability

medicaid is for individuals of low ____________________ status.
eligibility is based on household _______ and ____________, with priority given to children, __________ women, and those who have a ________________

State health agencies, WIC, five, CHIP

______________ ____________ ____________ obtain funding from state legislature and federal public health agencies.
- Manages the _______ program which promotes nutrition for women, infants, and children up to age ______ who are low socioeconomic status.

Local health department

receives funds from the state level to implement community level programs.
- primary focus is health of its citizens
- responsible for identifying and intervening to meet health needs of local community
- report notifiable communicable disease to state de


the process of merging with or adopting the traits of a different culture. adapting to a new culture requires changes in daily living practices. these changes relate to language, education, work, recreation, social experiences, and the health care system

cultural competence

involves respecting personal dignity and preferences, as well as acknowledging cultural differences.