P&P 800.1-800.15

Where can you find an EMS field manual?

On all apparatus

What is an ALS back up unit?

A unit that responds to a medical call with a paramedic because the initial unit is BLS.

What medical certifications are required by all personnel up to the rank of battalion chief?

Paramedics are required to have the above plus all other certifications under title 22

If an EMT certification is expired, how long does that personnel have to obtain one that is up-to-date?

Up to 60 days after the day of expiration

Can a paramedic remain on duty with an expired certification?

No, he will be removed until valid license is obtained

What is a Skelly Hearing?

Hearing to determine loss of wages and or disciplinary action

Can a paramedic License take the place of an EMT license?


True or false: OFD must provide EMS training while on duty to personnel


If OFD does not provide a required EMS course, how many days prior does personnel have to notify OFD?

30 Days

What is form 700-74 And how often is it submitted?

Daily inspection of EMS equipment submitted monthly

What is form 700-84?

Re-supply of expendable equipment and supplies

Where is the EMS office located for OFD?

Station one

Where is the EMS equipment depot located?

Station 24

Who is responsible for ensuring the drug box is safe?

The whole crew (unofficially the paramedic)

How often should a patient care report be prepared and submitted

For every patient

Who is responsible for initializing an unusual occurrence report on ems scene And who do they report to?

Paramedic to Company officer. All personnel will complete a 538-8

For an assault and an unsecured seen, how many blocks away sure the unit stage?

2 blocks

Who determines the location of the staging area during an assault with an unsecured scene?

The company officer

How far away should additional units stage during a WMD possible chemical release?


How far away should additional units stage for a WMD mass explosion?

No less than 1000 feet

What does SLUDGEM stand for?

Salivation, Lacrimation (excessive tearing), Urination, Defacation, Gastric upset, Emesis, Miosis (pupil constriction)

Once dispatched can you reassign yourself to a different call?

Not unless dispatch reassigns you

Is an 0FD BLS unit allowed to cancel an OFD ALS unit?

Yes if the als unit is not needed. BLS unit has to complete pcr

What does disposition code "CAN" stand for?


What does disposition code UTL stand for?

Unable to locate

What does disposition code PCR stand for?

Patient care report completed even though there was a refusal of care

What does disposition code PTA stand for?

Patient transported by ambulance

What does disposition code PTP stand for?

Patient transported by a private car

What does disposition code PRS stand for?

Patient refused service

What is included in a transfer of care report to transporting unit?

Situation found, treatment and response, status of patient

How many paramedics should've transporting unit have during a code 3 return?


Is the transporter unit allowed to cancel 0FD prior to damn arriving on scene of a medical incident?

No. Transporting unit must already be on scene in order to cancel OFD